About Relax The Muscle

Hi there! My name is Kallie Morgan, and thanks for taking some time to get to know my blog, Relax the Muscle.

As an empowered, motivated fitness enthusiast myself, I can tell you how working out and living a healthy, fit life is like an addiction. But many people look at it as a goal to achieve, not a part of daily living. While some use an unrealistic approach and even guilt for exercising and eating right. That doesn’t work either, at least not in the long term.

My blog, Relax the Muscle, is all about doing away with such impractical, self-defeating habits. On this platform, I talk about the human body and its multitude of organs and muscles.

As a Certified Fitness Instructor and Certified CrossFit Trainer, I have worked with clients the least motivated or even convinced to turn to fitness and yoga in order to cure their physical worries. And I’d say that my job has been well done because now some of these clients have actually become fitness trainers themselves. That’s the life-changing effect exercise has on you!

Relax the Muscle is a blog I’ve created to bring fitness enthusiasts, athletes, gym-goers, and even those who have just started working out face-to-face with science-backed information revolving around how your body works before, during, and after a physical training session.

I’m also in the habit of using and then reviewing products to enhance my workouts. Be it for CrossFit, gym, yoga, or simply to relax the muscle after a long, hard day at work.

So if you’re tired of wasting your time on fitness blogs and your money on fitness products that get you nowhere, you can check out my blog Relax the Muscle to relax all your muscles that demand to be in great shape for an active, healthy lifestyle.

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