Best Diabetic Socks to Warm and Protect Diabetic Feet 

 June 30, 2021

By  Pham

The best diabetic socks are one of the most underestimated lifestyle changes for diabetic patients. Among the common side effects of diabetes are foot ulcers, and these socks should be considered more as foot care is a crucial factor in managing diabetes. In addition, these diabetes patients are usually more susceptible to potential circulatory and nerve damage because high blood sugar levels can cause great harm to their bodies if the patient does not carefully manage the condition. Diabetic socks help minimize the risk of foot injuries by boosting blood circulation and keeping the feet dry. Still, when shopping for the best diabetic pair of socks, it's important to consult your doctor because there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Diabetic socks are unnecessary for all diabetic patients but are more suitable for diabetic patients with foot problems because sitting with binding socks can result in many blood clots. However, many companies have come up with the best diabetes socks and picking one can be quite challenging, and we have listed some of the best to make your shopping process easier. Read on to find out the best ones, and also, we have included a detailed buying guide to help you navigate the process easier.

1. OrthoSleeve WC4 Wellness Socks

Diabetic and Neuropathy Non-Binding Wellness Socks by OrthoSleeve WC4...
  • COMFORT & SUPPORT: OrthoSleeve WC4 Wellness Care Socks are created...
  • DESIGNED TO FIT: The WC4 is anatomically designed for the right and...
  • ULTIMATE PROTECTION: The WC4 was designed to specifically aid those...
  • QUALITY BREATHEABLE/ANTI-ODOR: WC4 is made of superior quality,...
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: OrthoSleeve is committed to our product &...

OrthoSleeve WC4 Wellness Socks are one of the best diabetic socks for both men and women, and they are made using nano bamboo charcoal that is quite soft and durable. The pair of socks has a lightweight design that keeps feet supported, and they are also designed ergonomically and fit both your left and right feet. The women's and men's socks feature a uniquely shaped toe seam and a knitted heel pocket that guarantees proper foot placement.

OrthoSleeve diabetic socks are made with a moisture-wicking material that keeps feet dry, reducing the risk of skin irritations and infections and promoting healthier feet. In addition, the pair of diabetic socks have a light gradient compression that offers the support your feet need and increases the blood flow to keep feet warm and supported. These socks diabetic are also suitable for people who suffer from sensitive feet, neuropathy, or excess swelling.

  • Pros
  • Arch and midfoot support structure.
  • The sock has contoured padding with Y–gore heels.
  • Non-binding comfort.
  • Designed that it fits both the right and left foot.
  • The socks may offer support and full care of the feet thanks to the uniquely shaped toe.
  • Seamless construction for maximum support.
  • Cons
  • The socks may become tight after a cold wash.

2. Dr. Scholl’s Men’s Premium Diabetic and Circulatory Socks

Dr. Scholl's Men's Premium Diabetic and Circulatory Casual Crew Socks...
  • Crew sock, made in the usa
  • Cotton-free and latex-free to prevent irritation
  • Non-binding stay-up comfort top allows circulation

Dr. Scholl’s diabetic socks are a stretchy, comfortable, and flexible pair made from a soft and quality stretch material blend that provides a cozy fit without minimizing blood circulation. In addition, these diabetic socks come with a non-binding band at the top of each sock and are equipped with a pull-on closure that makes this pair of socks quite easy to wear.

Dr. Scholl's high-quality pair of socks is made with a polyester soft and lightweight material with moisture-wicking properties that keep away moisture when worn. In addition, each sock pair is designed to ensure your feet stay comfortable, odor-free, and dry for long periods, which helps to cut down on irritation and minimize bacteria spread. These diabetic socks also come with a cushioned sole and a smooth toe area to offer maximum comfort.

  • Pros
  • High quality soft and the stretch material.
  • Non-binding band.
  • Pull-on closure making it easy to wear.
  • Cushioned and smooth sole.
  • Moisture-wicking technology.
  • Machine washable.
  • Pull-on closure.
  • Cons
  • The fit might be too tight for some people.

3. Doctor's Choice Diabetic Crew Socks

Doctor's Choice Women's Diabetic Crew Socks, Non-Binding, Circulatory,...
  • FEEL BETTER with soft and comfortable full-cushioned socks. Full...
  • AVOID DANGER with moisture management, wicking synthetic fibers that...
  • EASY ON soft stretch construction provides a relaxed fit that is easy...
  • SEAMLESS TOE FOR NO BUNCHING OR ABRASION for blister-free safety....
  • RELAX AND ENJOY LIFE without worrying about your feet. Doctor’s...

Doctor's Choice pair of crew socks are the ideal diabetic socks to help in improving your circulation while protecting your feet from dangerous foot sores or ulcers. These women's diabetic socks are a perfect foot care buy. In addition, they come at a relatively friendly price. The socks Dr. Choice features a seamless toe design that minimizes discomfort and abrasion while also helping avoid any injuries associated with numbness, nerve damage, and neuropathy.

Doctor's Choice diabetic women's socks are a soft, fully cushioned pair with an ultra-breathable dual mesh and channel ventilation that helps reduce the friction that helps in the mitigation of blisters. Also, with a soft and stretch construction, these diabetic socks offer a relaxed fit, and they are easy to wear on and off and thanks to the loose-fitting, you are guaranteed reduced constriction around your leg.

  • Pros
  • Seamless toe design.
  • Non-binding top.
  • Fully cushioned women's pair that reduces friction.
  • Anti-microbial fibers to keep feet dry.
  • Loose-fitting.
  • Soft and stretchy construction.
  • The pair is easy to wear as it can be easily pulled on and off.
  • Cons
  • The fit might be tight to some women.

4. Dr. Scholl's Women's Advanced Relief Diabetic & Circulatory Crew Socks

Dr. Scholl's womens Advanced Diabetic & Circulatory (2pk) Casual Sock,...
  • The perfect socks for diabetics and those with circulation concerns
  • Soft, non-binding top conforms to your legs for a comfortable fit...
  • Made with an ultra soft, cushioned sole to deliver optimal comfort
  • Moisture management technology helps keep feet dry and comfortable
  • Targeted cushioning reduces blister-causing friction

Dr. Scholl's Women's diabetic socks are among the best pairs for people with circulation issues and diabetes, thanks to their soft, non-binding construction that does not minimize circulation when wearing the socks. In addition, Dr. Scholl's diabetic crew socks feature an anti-odor and moisture-wicking technology that will keep your feet dry and odor-free. These diabetic socks are made with a blend of materials, including 91% polyester, 8% nylon, and 1% spandex.

Dr. Scholl's diabetic women's crew socks have a cushioned sole and a soft toe seam that offers maximum comfort to sensitive feet, and women of shoe sizes 4-10 can wear them. Additionally, the American Podiatric Medical Association approved these diabetic women's socks and packed a one-year guarantee.

  • Pros
  • Machine washable pair.
  • It features a cushioned sole.
  • Anti-odor properties.
  • Non-binding construction.
  • Moisture-wicking technology.
  • Optimal fit.
  • Cons
  • The weaving is tight.

5. Yomandamor Bamboo Diabetic Ankle Socks

Yomandamor Women's 6 Pairs Bamboo Diabetic Ankle Socks with...
  • Seamless toe eliminates bulky toe seam ,reduce the risk of infection,...
  • Non-binding loose fitting stay-up top and large wide calf wont...
  • Reinforced heel and toe,extra cushioning through sole for added...
  • Engineered knit-in mesh on top provides breathability and moisture...
  • High quality with the low price;6 Pairs;Suits for those who have high...

Yomandamor diabetic socks are made from an 80% bamboo-cotton blend and 20% elastane. They are designed to be comfortable in different temperatures and ensure they keep your feet warm in the winter season and cool during summer. The bamboo cotton diabetic material is a micromesh fabric that promotes circulation and minimizes any moisture accumulation, and with the moisture-wicking technology, you are guaranteed a fungal infection risk. In addition, these diabetic socks are the best socks to help with maximum insulation and protection as they are flexible and stretchy.

Yomandamor diabetic ankle socks feature a seamless toe design that is quite lightweight. Therefore, it reduces any risk of infections, cuts down on irritation, and minimizes pressure making them perfect as an everyday pair. Also, with the extra padding cushioning, these bamboo cotton diabetic socks provide maximum comfort that protects your feet from any potential injuries.

  • Pros
  • The sock has a non-binding top.
  • Loose weaving on the sock's upper part.
  • Extra cushioning.
  • Moisture-wicking material.
  • Seamless toe.
  • Machine washable pair of socks.
  • Cons
  • Available in only size 9-11.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Diabetic Socks

1. Fit

When looking to purchase the best diabetes socks, it's advisable to go for ones that fit well, and socks with compression features should be avoided because diabetes usually restricts blood flow to the feet. Instead, you should try going for a pair that has a loose, non-binding fit which will prevent further restriction. In addition, some of these loose-fitting socks usually come with extra room in your heel and toe areas which is a great option for sensitive skin or feet, especially in the heel and toe areas.

2. Comfort

When you are experiencing poor circulation, you should always ensure your feet are comfortable, dry, and protected, and comfort ensures your socks don't rub or fit tightly. If you don't wear comfortable socks that will add poor circulation in the feet, the pressure will cause inflammation and sores that can cause open wounds and infection. Additionally, for maximum comfort, you should opt for cotton socks that don't have seams to allow your feet to breathe as a general diabetes side effect is decreased or excess sweating.

3. Warmth

Ensuring your feet stay warm should be one of your topmost priorities, and therefore, you should look for diabetic socks made with wool. This is crucial because diabetes can cause blood flow restriction to your feet. Therefore, people with diabetes will need to get a pair that will provide maximum warmth without adding compression and restricting blood circulation.

The cold usually causes an increase in skin irritation and dryness and, as a result, lowers blood circulation, and you should have your feet in a moderate temperature, which is not too warm that they get wet and sweaty. Good diabetic socks for a diabetic foot are usually breathable and warm, and you can try choosing temperature regulating fabric like merino wool. Also, for moderate warmth, channels and ventilation mesh through the sock would make a very good addition.

4. Padding and Cushioning

When looking for the best diabetic socks, another key consideration should be the padding, and most socks available in the market usually have different padding. The padding is also in different areas. The kind of padding you choose should be determined by wearing the socks and your daily physical activities. For example, if you need diabetic socks and work in a place that needs you to stand for long periods, then the best solution would be to choose diabetic socks with extra padding in the heel area.

On the other hand, people who exercise a lot like athletes should wear diabetic socks with some padding in the ball region of their foot to minimize any friction. Notably, most diabetic socks usually have extra cushioning or feature an extra and padded sole. This maximizes protection and comfort by reducing the impact on your foot and providing extra security against foot injuries like irritations or blisters. Also, padded socks are very durable but keep in mind that the extra padded socks with a cushioned sole are quite thick and can sometimes refuse to fit your regular shoes, unlike regular socks.

5. Length and Size

Diabetic socks are available in different sizes and lengths, including ankle-length called ankle socks, knee-length, and calf. You should pick the best diabetic socks length according to your foot problems and needs. Still, if you experience poor blood circulation issues because of diabetes, an ideal option would be to go for ankle-length or knee-length diabetic socks. On the other hand, for very active people like athletes, the most suitable choice would be ankle socks length diabetic socks.

6. Material

Diabetic socks are made from different materials, and some of the popular ones include charcoal, acrylic, and bamboo diabetic material. Notably, many of the best diabetic socks combine the above fabrics and usually develop the best socks for diabetic individuals.

Additionally, socks with anti-microbial properties are a great addition for individuals living with diabetes as this usually helps prevent bacteria and fungus infections. Some of the naturally antibacterial materials include merino wool, nanofibers, and even bamboo fibers, and some other diabetic socks usually treat their socks with antibacterial products.

7. Non-binding Top and Seamless Interior

A common diabetes complication is poor blood flow because the high glucose levels usually cause damage over time to the small blood vessels and reduce blood circulation. Therefore, wearing loose-fitting socks with a non-binding top will keep your feet free and not constricted and therefore boost blood flow. Additionally, your diabetic socks should have an elastic binding that will comfortably hold your socks firmly around the calves, and this will not cause any blood flow restriction.

On the other hand, high blood sugars also slow down the healing process of people with diabetes and make them more prone to infections. The seamless socks minimize the threat of rubbing because even the tiniest wounds for diabetics can lead to serious complications such as foot ulcers and sometimes, in bad scenarios, lead to amputation, especially for neuropathy and hyperglycemia individuals. Therefore, the best diabetic socks should have a seamless toe as this will help the customer protect their feet against irritations and blisters.

8. Moisture-wicking Fabric

When you have a diabetes condition, your feet should be dry because not only does wet skin cause more irritation and blister faster, and because sweaty and wet feet are a bacteria and fungus paradise. Therefore, the drier and moisture-wicking your material will be, the more protection your diabetes foot will get. In addition, the best moisture-wicking fabric should allow sweat to evaporate, which will noticeably reduce the risk of skin infections and irritation.

9. White Sole

When shopping for the best socks for people with diabetes, you will realize that most socks are white, and this has a good reason for it. Patients living with diabetes, especially those with diabetic neuropathy, might experience a loss of sensitivity with their feet to the point that they will hardly notice the tiny wounds. In this case, socks made with a white sole and yarn are a perfect way to increase wound awareness because you will easily notice bloodstains.

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