Best Foam Roller Exercises for Your Back

Foam Roller Exercises for Your Back

Foam rollers are devices which are thought to improve people’s overall health. This includes a great number of benefits that will be dealt with below. For example, these are very good when trying to sooth pain in different parts of the body, particularly in the back, hips, and legs.

How do they work? Well, the idea is that you roll over them, applying enough pressure to reach those sore spots and make the knots disappear.  In this article, you will find pieces of advice on the best foam roller exercises for back strengthening and relaxation.


As mentioned above, there is a great number of benefits for people who roll on a regular basis. Some of these include:

Back pain relief

Avoid feeling stiff after working for a long time

Muscle recovery after an injury

Improving posture and balance

Becoming more flexible


Types of Foam Rollers

There are many types of rollers. For example, there are deep tissue ones, that emulate the work of a masseuse in terms of the depth of the massage. The pressure will be a lot, so it may produce a little bit of pain at the beginning of using it. This type of myofascial therapy will get you back on your feet in a short time, especially if you have suffered from any type of injury.


The basic one is usually color white, so it’s easier to identify it among others. Its materials are quite soft and its density is low, so they are not so firm and it will not produce any pain when rolling. One derived benefit from using it to do exercise is relief from headaches, and releasing tension in every part of the neck and jaws. As a result, even if the pressure is low, you will enjoy a relaxed back and neck.

Two in One

This type of roller is a great option for relieving different conditions, such as muscle pain, chronic illness, and even head or neck pain. The inner roller has a soft texture, and that is why it can be a great option for those who are just starting. The other roller (which goes on the outside) is meant for advanced users who want a deeper massage.

Textured Rollers

The rollers with some kind of texture really want to get into the knots and painful points in your muscles. As a result, the process is much easier and smoother. It is particularly useful for tension held in the shoulders and neck, especially today when so many people spend too many hours in front of a computer. However, you need to be careful about how you use these rollers so as not to hurt that very delicate part of your body, as the massage is quite intense.

How to choose the perfect roller

Deciding on the best roller for you depends on a lot of factors, the most important of which are your personal likings and objectives. Some people will look for a deep massage, even if it’s a bit uncomfortable.  Some others will just want to improve their balance or overall strength. For that, they can just use a cheaper and softer roller.

Here go some pieces of advice in general:

If you are a first-timer, then softer devices are more advisable. They will help you relax without experiencing any pain.

Those who want to take their rollers to their gym or fitness classes may want to look for a smaller product. These rollers will be made up of softer materials that will make it light and easy to transport.

If you want to recover from an injury in a short time, maybe it is better to pick a high-density foam roller for back or legs. Bumpy textured one will provide the deepest massages, thus encouraging muscle recovery.

You can identify rollers according to their colors. The white one is the one built especially for beginners, as they do not apply so much pressure and there will be no pain after rolling.

As you grow more comfortable with this practice, you’ll be able to advance and get tougher devices.

Foam Roller Exercises for Back Pain

Let’s take a look at some suggestions for improving one’s overall health. First, we should try and understand how these rollers work on your body. There is tissue under the skin called fascia, which is the ones responsible for feeling pain, rather than the muscle below it. That’s the section where you feel those annoying knots. If you are suffering from cramps or even chronic pain, then it’s the fascia the one you need to relax.

That’s when foam rollers come in handy: when you exercise using them, then you reach the fascia and relax it. Also, it keeps everything moving so as to make the muscles stronger, improve your overall balance, breathe better, and so on.

Some tips before getting started

If you are just starting out with this activity, then the following tips might help you not to hurt yourself and enjoy every step of the way:

Use a soft device to warm up, and increase the pressure over time. Your muscles will thank you later.

Don’t use it for long at the beginning. 10 or 15 minutes a day is great to start.

Don’t always roll in the same direction, but go from side to side or in circles, rather.

Never roll under the neck or the back under your ribcage. Always consult with a professional before starting.

If you are feeling true pain, stop. This is a relaxing activity, not a painful one.

Do not start with this activity before talking to your doctor if you have undergone surgery or have a recent injury.

Examples of Exercises for back

This is a great exercise for starters: you just need to roll lying on your back. This is very useful when making knots disappear and to improve your posture after being sitting all day long.

The roller starts just below your shoulder blades and put your hands behind your head.

The best way of rolling is by lifting the hips and letting the product move towards your head. If you happen to find a knot, the best thing to do is hold the roller in that spot for at least 10 seconds.

Breathe deeply!

Repeat this exercise 3-4 times.

Another alternative is to also work with your hip flexors. These muscles will reduce lower-back pain and improve your overall balance.

In this case, place the roller just below your hip and put your arms in front of you.

Extend one of your legs while bending the other. In this way, the roller will pressure on that particular side and not the other.

Roll for half a minute up and down.

After finishing, extend the other leg and repeat.


Even though foam rolling is not a magical solution for back pain or other illnesses, it is certainly an integral part of any treatment. These foam roller exercises for back are sure to ease your pain, help the knots disappear, help you have a better balance in general, and lead a more active life.  

In addition, these exercises will make your back stronger. With medical supervision, they can become a part of your daily routine for muscle recovery. These may even help you burn some carbs and get in shape quickly while making sure your body is relaxed. Forget about neck, head, and back pain, and start rolling!


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