The Best Massage Gaming Chairs to Buy Now! 

 February 28, 2021

By  Pham

As a gamer, you probably know the toll long gaming sessions can have on the condition of your neck and back. Throbbing sprains and stiff muscles are just the beginning of your troubles. Prolonged gaming sessions on uncomfortable seating can make the condition unceasing even after you have finished playing.

The comfort of a customized massage gaming chair, specially designed for the gaming function can save your body from the frustrating aches and pains. Massage gaming chairs are a wise investment as they can soothe your muscles and elevate the gaming experience.

Constructed to be ergonomic and with rejuvenating massage features, every time you game with them will seem like a trip to the spa! Here is a list of the top rated massage gaming chairs with specialized built-in features to keep you playing happier and ache free.

1. Ficmax Massage Gaming Chair

The Ficmax gaming chair is constructed with an ergonomic design for those who seek a balanced blend of superior comfort with high aesthetics.

Engineered for hard wear and tear, the chair is constructed with premium quality fade resistant materials. The faux leather covering is optimized to give a lasting performance against dirt and grime. The 3.9-inch dense foam layer makes sitting on this chair feel akin to floating on a fluffy cloud.

The sturdy metal framing is supported with high-quality class 4 hydraulic pistons to bear a weight of up to 250 pounds. Swivel 360 degrees, slide around or recline, the chair is designed for comfortable gliding and 180-degree tilting.

Support features include a comfortably sized cushioned seat, armrests that adjust to your preference and a footrest you can retract for the ultimate comfort. If your gaming sessions can last for hours and the neck bears the brunt of the sprains, the lumbar support for your head and back will soothe them away.

Enjoy the feel of muscle relaxing vibrations, a complimentary pillowcase and a USB powered massage pillow as it relieves your muscles. An affordable chair, the rocking function and its ability to fit the shape of your body like a glove makes long gaming periods an immersive experience.

Available in multiple color options, the product is additionally covered by a 30-day return policy and a 12 months replacement warranty, giving you the mental peace you deserve with new purchases.

Best Selling Features

  • Ergonomic design with a wide cushioned seat for a superior comfort
  • 180-degree recline and 360 degree swivel to lie back as low as you want
  • Adjustable armrests and lumbar pillowcase to play in the most comfortable position
  • 250 pounds maximum weight capacity and class 4 hydraulic pistons, ideal for heavyweights
  • Rocking and vibrating function  for intense muscle relaxation
  • Covered with warranty and a replacement policy

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2. Von Racer Massage Reclining Gaming Chair

The Von Racer gaming chair is developed for the hardcore gamers who forget the world around them as they delve deeper into their games.

Designed to provide the ultimate in luxury, the large-sized seat with a thick cushion support will have you sinking away into comfort. Additionally, the seat is built in with an extended back to keep aches and pains at bay.

A multipurpose chair, ideal for both office work and gaming, the 360 degree swivel allows for unconfined smooth movements. The adjustable leaning support allows you to lean back up to 175 degrees with ease.  Additionally, soothe your feet with the ingenious retractable footrest options to alleviate the numbness your feet might encounter after a few hours of sitting in one place.

The superior construction comprises of premium quality and durable materials such as leather seat covers. An integrated metal frame handles a maximum weight of up to 250 pounds without deterioration in the condition of the chair.

The chair comes with a 1 year warranty on parts to so you may use the chair with abandon, free from the stresses of excessive usage.

Best Selling Features

  • Extra back support with a higher backrest
  • 360-degree swivel for easy movements
  • 175-degree recline for superior comfort
  • Covered with 1 year warranty
  • Retractable footrest for tired feet
  • Vibration features to soothe stiff muscles

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3. Edwell Computer Gaming Chair

Manufactured with a premium selection of high-quality steel and built to provide a wide cushioned seat with sponge shaping technology, if there is ever a chair that feels like sitting on feathers, then Edwell it is.

Lock yourself in a 90-degree professional office chair position or lean back to any tilt between 90 degrees to 180 degrees. When the soreness from a sedentary position becomes too cumbersome, take advantage of this chair’s vibration functions.

Built to please you immensely and make cleanup a breeze, this chair is a great investment for people who are prone to sore muscles and backaches. The 25-degree rocking functions supported with lumbar and ergonomic back designs are ideal for a relieving, tranquil gaming session.

The adjustable footrest is built to bring life back into your feet, relieving your body of soreness from uncomfortable sedentary positions. The chair is covered by a 12-month warranty on parts, a relief for first-time buyers seeking stress-free purchases.

Best Selling Features

  • Up to 300 pounds weight holding capacity, suitable for heavyweights
  • 12 months warranty for parts and a lifetime warranty for the frame
  • 360-degree swivel, up to 180-degree recline and adjustable footrest
  • Vibration function to comfort a stiff back and neck
  • Thick cushion support and lumbar support for comfortable seating

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4. Healgen Back Massage Gaming Chair 

This chair is an ergonomically designed chair crafted to successfully relieve stressed muscles during an immersive gaming phase. The heavy duty frame is supported by a gas spring cylinder and is able to handle a maximum weight of up to 350 pounds, making it suitable for those who are on the heavy side.

The chair is constructed with superior quality PVC and PU material for the seating, and layered with quality cushioned foam for cloud-like comfort. The retractable footrests are superbly padded for alleviating aches in the feet. The adjustable lumbar pillow is supported by 20-degree vibrating functions to let you play games all day without succumbing to exhaustion from sitting in a sedentary position.

The product boasts a 30-day money back guarantee in case you are dissatisfied with the performance. Additionally, the chair also comes with a 5 year warranty support on parts, the longest compared to other chairs on this list.

Best Selling Features

  • Adjustable 2D arms for your comfort preferences
  • 360-degree swivel function and 180-degree tilt option
  • 20-degree function for rocking
  • Adjustable and retractable footrest
  • Gas spring cylinder for superior movement and comfort

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5. Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair Racing Style

 Specially tailored to be compatible with gaming positions and tackle issues that stem from poor gaming posture, this chair is built for a fantastic performance and visual appeal. This is a suitable purchase for the gamers who prefer visuals that compliment a crafty gaming set up.

Gain the benefit of additional support with a curved back that follows the flow of a real backbone. The chair is constructed with superior quality steel framing that is able to handle up to 300 pounds with ease. High-grade PVC material layered with a thick foam cushion envelops the body, ensuring calmness and comfort unlike any other.

The leaning capabilities of this chair go up to 180 degrees to make gaming a fun experience. Aided with a racing car seat design, the aesthetics add panache to your gaming setup. Any aches and pains you may suffer during your long gaming sessions will be a thing of the past with additional lumbar support and a head pillow that compliments this chair.

Devoko cares about customer experience, and in case you are dissatisfied, the product comes with a 30-day return policy and a 6 month warranty on parts, making your investment a secure one.

Best Selling Features

  • 360-degree swivel functions and 180-degree tilt options to sit in a position of your choice.
  • Fantastic racing car seating designs for superior aesthetics
  • Sturdy framing and a base able to handle 300 pounds of weight
  • Ergonomic designs with lumbar support

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