The Best Zero Gravity Massage Chairs to Purchase Today 

 March 1, 2021

By  Pham

Poor body posture or sedentary positions can weigh heavily on your body, ultimately manifesting in the form of sore muscles, recurring aches, and chronic pains. Deep massage therapy can alleviate the body and mind from daily stresses and painfully tightened muscles.

A unique way to recover and rejuvenate the body is with the use of zero gravity massage chairs, built to replicate the weightlessness felt by a NASA astronaut in space. With a wide variety of models in the market, choosing the best one becomes complicated. Here is all you need to know to buy a zero gravity massage chair that is best suited to your taste.

1. Sino N500 Massage Chair Zero Gravity

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The Sino N500 is developed for the massage enthusiasts who are only satisfied with the best the market has to offer. It is developed carefully to mimic the ultimate relaxation and relief felt in a professional shiatsu massage therapy. This massage chair will have you relaxing for hours and put an end to your stiff muscles effortlessly.

The FDA approved massage chair makes you feel completely weightless and free from lethargy and aches of the back, calves, arms, shoulders, and the lower back. The beautiful and brown design boasts 3 zero gravity positions, adjustable to the preference of the user. It can hold a weight of up to 380 pounds and seat a person of 6.25 feet in height.

The preset massage options replicate the magic of real hand massages varying between gentle to firm pressure in intensity. Feel the pleasure of real life kneading with this chair that successfully targets the neck, back, shoulder, waist, and calf muscles.

Unwind from the uncomfortable and tight feeling and instead gain the benefit of better blood circulation with an air compression massage and 2 inbuilt heating pad technologies. The foot rollers with superior 3D compression massage features will have your feet feeling free from soreness within minutes.

The product is FDA approved and is supported with a 3 year manufacturing warranty as well.

Best Selling Features

  • Boasts 3 zero gravity positions for ultimate comfort
  • 4 preset massage options and air compression massage
  • Foot rollers and seat vibration functions for quick relaxation
  • Inbuilt heater for the lower back area for better blood flow
  • Includes a remote control with automatic program buttons
  • 3-year warranty and FDA approved
Average Customer Rating 5/5

2. Massage Chair Recliner, S-Track Zero Gravity Full Body Shiatsu Luxurious Electric Massage Chair

This chair boasts a luxurious and fantastic design built skillfully to target the core pain areas of the human body such as the back, neck, spine, calves, and shoulders. The L track frame design follows the curvature of the body to give maximum comfort.

The weightless zero gravity design elevates the legs adeptly to the heart level to reduce pressure on the body. Choose through 3 levels of massage intensity and switch through 3 different massage simulation programs such as kneading and massage pressing.

The chair is equipped with double S-Track massage rollers to smoothly move over aching points and 2 lumbar heating features that proficiently heat the chair to 120 degrees Fahrenheit for the ultimate pain relief.

The chair comes with a stress-free purchase and a 3 year warranty by the manufacturer on parts. It can also comfortably seat a 6.25-foot person and hold sturdy under a weight of 400lbs. When the pain lingers on more than you are able to bear, then you need the expert massages of this chair for effective ache relief.

Best Selling Features

  • L-Track frame structure
  • 4 rollers aided with air cell massage
  • 2 lumbar heaters with the ability to heat up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Airbag support across the design
  • Massage and kneading mimicking functions
  • 3 massage programs with 3 intensity levels
  • Remote control included

Average Customer Rating : 5/5

3. Ideal Massage Full Featured Shiatsu Chair with Built-In Heat Zero Gravity Positioning Deep Tissue

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Feel the tension and strain on your body melt away as you sink into the wonderful world of expert massage therapy with this chair. This chair is proficient at impersonating the professional moves of a shiatsu expert, rolling every ache and stiffness away one knead at a time.

The chair includes 4 auto-set massage styles such as shiatsu, kneading, vibrations and rolling for spines at various intensity levels. The heating feature improves the circulation of the blood and relaxes the mind while the massaging function can work uninterrupted for up to 30 minutes without fail.

The airbag features are placed strategically across the chair for optimal relaxing treatment while the foot airbags mimic the finger pressing motion deliberately for a deeply calming effect. A 3-year warranty covers the product, including warranties on the body, electric parts, and the steel framing. All this makes this chair a tension free purchasing experience so you may use the product free from any worries of wear and tear.

Best Selling Features

  • 30 minutes of uninterrupted massage capabilities
  • 4 motors and 2 air pumps for superior power
  • Built-in heating features
  • Remote control included
Average Customer Rating : 4.3/5

4. BODYFRIEND 4D Massage Chair | Multiple Airbags | Luxurious Look with Bluetooth & Zero Gravity

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As the name suggests, this chair will become your body’s best friend as it takes out every knot and discomfort, replacing it with the ultimate comfort. With this chair, you gain the benefit of a therapeutic professional massage at the convenience of your home and enjoy similar benefits like that from shiatsu.

 The chair expertly applies kneading and flapping pressure to the body and sinks comfortably into the zero gravity position without any fail.  The seat cover is slip-proof, freeing you from any worries of slipping from the chair. You have the option to customize your massage intensity level with the included remote control to whatever floats your boat.

 Additionally, the chair is equipped with 4D scanning technology which scans your body automatically to customize the pressure of rollers according to your body’s dimensions. The chair is also adept at mimicking a zero-gravity seating arrangement for the maximum benefit for your heart and spine.

 For superior relaxation, the chair includes 4 massage nodes and rollers for relieving the neck and back muscles from discomfort, 4 airbag massagers to lighten up the shoulder muscles and 2 massage rollers to alleviate pains in the waist region.

The chair is covered with a one-year manufacturer warranty and also boasts Bluetooth control for playing music, providing you the flexibility to create the ultimate ambiance to soothe your body and gain mental peace.

Best Selling Features

  • Built-in vibrations and  built-in heater features
  • 4 massage nodes and 2 massage rollers for neck and back comfort
  • 4 airbag massagers to relax the shoulder muscles
  • 2 massage rollers to unwind the waist muscles
  • Remote included
  • The ability to play music via Bluetooth
  • 4D scanning technology to customize the massage functions
  • One year warranty
Average Customer Rating : 5/5

5. JSB Mz16 Full Body Massage Chair for Home and Office - Red (Luxury 3D Space Saving Design)

This chair boasts a space-saving design without any compromise on the functionality and features. Crafted skillfully for those with reoccurring and chronic pains in the shoulder, back, and feet, this chair promises a first-rate respite from their torment.

The superior functions include a leg airbag massager to knead and press daily stresses away from your calves and feet with additional foot massaging roller functions for successful painful sole relief. The chair slips into the zero gravity position with ease, elevating the legs at a suitable level to allow health benefitting blood circulation to take place.

The chair includes 5 auto massage modes and different intensity levels with option to store your 2 favorite modes in the machine for convenience and ease of use.  Additionally, the chair expertly melts away upper and lower body pains with 6 options replicating real lifelike massage therapies including kneading, shiatsu, tapping, squeezing, thumping, and more motions.

The chair is also equipped with a heating function that spreads the warmth equally across the body to release painful knots in the muscles. The chair is covered under a 1 year warranty with an onsite doorstep option.

Best Selling Features

  • Replicates shiatsu, kneading, squeezing and tapping functions
  • Remote control included
  • 5 auto massage modes to relieve upper and lower body pains expertly
  • The chair includes memory save options to save your favorite massage modes.
  • 1 year warranty included for stress-free buying options
  • Inbuilt heating and roller functions for a fantastic relaxation therapy
Average Customer Rating : 5/5

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