How To Become A Massage Therapist In Texas? 

 June 3, 2022

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To become a licensed massage therapist in the state of Texas, applicants must be at least 18 years old and have completed a 500-hour supervised course of study in massage studies.

Similarly, How long does it take to become a masseuse in Texas?

License Requirements by State Massage therapist licenses in Texas need a minimum of 500 hours of massage therapy education. At least 125 hours of this must be in Swedish massage therapy theory and practice, according to the Texas Department of State Health Services.

Also, it is asked, How much does it cost to become a massage therapist in Texas?

Texas School of Massage Information The average time to finish this education course is 5.3 months, however it may take anywhere from 2.6 months to a year depending on the certification. The cost of attending Texas School of Massage varies based on the certification, ranging from $1,500 to $5,500 on average.

Secondly, How much money does a massage therapist make in Texas?

Also, How do I get my massage therapy license in Texas?

How to Become a Texas Massage Therapist Take a Massage Therapy course. Applicants must finish at least 500 credit hours of approved coursework. Take and pass the Massage Therapist Exam. A massage therapist examination must also be passed by each candidate. Send in your application. Renew your driver’s license.

People also ask, How long is massage therapy school?

When studying full time, a 600-hour massage therapy degree may be finished in as little as five months. If you want to study part-time, however, courses may take longer to finish.

Related Questions and Answers

Is massage legal in Texas?

You must be licensed to perform body massages professionally in Texas. This requires at least 500 hours of education and the passing of a background check. If you provide this service without a license, you might be charged with a misdemeanor, or if you’re a repeat offender, you could face a felony penalty and prison time.

Can you massage in Texas without a license?

To promote or perform massage therapy in Texas, you must have a state license.

What are the cons of being a massage therapist?

It may be physically demanding. Working with your hands on a daily basis, as well as the ongoing physical demands of massage, may have detrimental health repercussions, particularly if you haven’t had proper training in massage therapist self-care.

Do massage therapists make good money?

Based on 8 incomes, an early career Massage Therapist with 1-4 years of experience gets an average total compensation of $239,662 (including tips, bonus, and overtime pay). Based on 7 incomes, a mid-career Massage Therapist with 5-9 years of experience makes an average total salary of 200,000.

Why I quit being a massage therapist?

Because you’re not habituated to the physical demands, the first five years of practice are the most tough, and many massage therapists depart due to burnout. It’s also challenging to adjust to the emotional demands. Clients come to you with complaints and disappointments, and they often weep in the room.

How do I start a massage career?

How to Become a Licensed Massage Therapist in 5 Easy Steps Learn about the field and set objectives. Complete a massage therapy program. Obtain your license. Obtain a business permit (optional) Continue to study and educate others.

What is the highest paid massage therapist?

What Does a Massage Therapist Get Paid? In 2020, the median pay for massage therapists was $43,620. That year, the top 25 percent earned $59,790, while the bottom 25 percent earned $30,010.

Is draping required for massage in Texas?

The state does require therapists and massage facilities to include a note regarding draping standards on their client intake forms. Before the session starts, both the therapist and the client must verbally discuss and agree on it. Draping is included in the price.

Can a massage therapist work under a chiropractic license in Texas?

Chiropractic doctors, allopathic physicians, and osteopathic physicians who hire registered massage therapists to administer massage on their patients at their place of operation are free from massage establishment registration and regulation as of July 1. HB 1065 by Rep

How do you become a licensed massage therapist?

To be eligible for licensing, an individual must satisfy the following requirements: (1) has finished a course of study at a registered massage school or has completed an apprenticeship program that meets authorized requirements; (2) has completed a course of study at a recognized massage school or has completed an apprenticeship program that meets acceptable standards.

What kind of preparation is needed to become a massage therapist quizlet?

In most states, what are the prerequisites for licensure? 18, high school graduation, finish massage therapy training from a school or program of at least a year’s duration, pass a written test, and pay the license cost

What are the preparations to be considered before getting a massage?

Here are some massage recommendations. Keep yourself hydrated. It’s critical to be hydrated before your massage to eliminate toxins that are released into the body’s circulation during therapy. Eat in moderation. Shower with hot water. Wear something comfortable. Arrive ahead of time. Make your needs known. Relax while getting a massage.

Can minors get a massage in Texas?

Massage, facial, body, or waxing treatments are not permitted for children under the age of 12. Children under the age of 17 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian during their therapy.

What is foot massage called?

The application of pressure to places on the foot is known as reflexology (or the hands). Reflexology is a calming treatment that may help relieve tension. The assumption underlying reflexology is that different parts of the foot correlate to different organs and bodily systems.

What is the difference between MBLEx or Ncbtmb?

The MBLEx was designed by the FSMTB as a licensing test, with licensure and regulatory agency requirements in mind. The NCBTMB certification provides recognition and is designed to advance the massage therapy industry by establishing and maintaining professional standards.

Is massage a good career?

An Interesting Job Overall, massage therapists express high levels of satisfaction with their employment. Massage treatment was listed among the finest job pathways in the U.S. News 100 Best Jobs report in 2021. You may also experience a high level of work satisfaction by earning a degree.

How many hours a week should a massage therapist work?

Weekly hours: 15

Do massage therapists get arthritis?

Background. Osteoarthritis is caused by a variety of jobs. Massage therapists depend extensively on their hands, and repetitive hand strain injuries sustained while delivering a massage might lead to osteoarthritis symptoms. Females are more likely to get osteoarthritis.

Where do the highest paid massage therapists work?

The top ten highest-paying states for massage therapists are shown below: Massage therapist salaries in Maine average $53,540 per year. The average massage therapist pay in New York is $52,700. The average massage therapist salary in Nebraska is $52,320. Average massage therapist income in Texas is $51,790. Average massage therapist income in Idaho is $51,630.

How can I make a lot of money as a massage therapist?

Focus on insurance-reimbursed customers, high-end clients, or outcall clients to expand your workload (see Make More, Work Less, at right). Adding a product line, such as organic spa items, may bring in an extra $1 million to $1 million each year.

How much does a massage therapist make on a cruise ship?

Massage therapists aboard cruise ships do not have a set salary. Your earnings are determined on the number of services you give. You will normally be paid a minimal base salary, but your skills may earn you up to $800 per week.

Is massage school Hard?

Massage therapy programs are tough yet exciting, challenging but not brutal, and interesting but not difficult for students with a love for wellbeing.

How many massages can you do in a day?

The majority of massage therapists strive to limit themselves to five appointments each day. This allows therapists to provide wonderful treatments while also taking care of themselves.

Is massage therapy a low stress job?

For the most part, massage therapy is a low-pressure, soothing profession. (Of course, as long as the prospect of touching the back of a stranger doesn’t make you feel anxious.)


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