How to Use a Muscle Roller Stick

Physical exercise and regular workouts are quite imperative in maintaining physical health. It should be done regularly but is often skipped at times because of the busy schedules of most adults. However, have you ever experienced the effect that exercising has on the muscles after an extended period of inactivity or rather after a vigorous work out session?

The prevalent answers include muscle pain in the form of cramps, strains, soreness, and muscle spasms. You don’t need to limit the intensity of your work out session to elude these after effects. There are ways to relax your muscles without the need to apply ointments and have a smooth rest of the day.

How to Use a Muscle Roller Stick

Physical exercise is just one of the many causes of muscle pain like a bad posture, poor nutrition, or an injury. The best way to eradicate muscle tension and pain is by using muscle roller sticks.

This article will help to answer some of the most prevalent queries associated with muscle roller sticks. For instance what a roller stick is, the best muscle roller stick to purchase, and climax with how to use a muscle roller stick.

What is a muscle roller stick?

A muscle roller stick is a piece of equipment in the shape of a bar and has handles at both ends. Most of the equipment used is either solid or has a flexible part in the middle with handles at each end.

What is a muscle roller stick


Muscle rolling sticks have become a prevalent remedy for muscular pains because of increased knowledge about trigger point therapy and its effects. Muscle rolling sticks are rubbed against the part with the muscle pain with varying pressure in order to enable a swift recovery process of body muscles.

A muscle rolling stick is passed on muscle knots, which cause the pain effect. Passing the muscle stick on a helps to elongate muscle bundles andprompt myofascial release.

This type of therapeutic technique is known as Self Myofascial Release, which has other additional advantages. Some of them include:

  • Provide a myofascial release.
  • Increase the flexibility of muscles.
  • Increase the flexibility of muscles.
  • It is a pain reliever.
  • Increase the flow of blood in the body.

Which is the best type of muscle roller stick to buy?

Which is the best type of muscle roller

Understanding vivid details about muscle sticks is the first step towards using it as efficiently as intended. Identifying your need for the muscle stick will guide you to know the best one to buy.

An individual who works out intensely on a regular basis requires a different massage stick as compared to a beginner. 

There are a number of different muscle roller sticks present in the market today.The general distinctions associated with them include:

  • Number of rollers on the stick
  • The amount of rollers on a stick is dependent on its intended purpose. The best number is between 2 to 8 rollers.
  • Length of the massage stick
  • The longer the stick the more body surface it will cover. The length of this stick will depend on a user’s intent. A longer stick is preferred for the back part. However, for other intention like quads,calf, and legs a standard length is preferred which is approximately 45 centimeters.
  • Texture of the stick surface
  • The nature of a stick surface is dependent on the personal preference of a user. Some surfaces are smooth while others are ribbed.
  • Rigidity of the massage stick
  • As I had stated earlier a muscle rolling stick can be either completely solid or flexible in the middle. A solid stick helps to apply more pressure on a muscle. The muscle stick with a flexible middle parthas a wider reach and is more succinct on minute muscle groups.

A prospective user who intends to purchase a muscle rolling stick also ought toutilize the pointers enumerated. This will be helpful in meeting their succinct needs and purchase equipment aligned with their level of advancement.

How to use a muscle roller stick

The utility of a muscle stick depends onhow well it is used. It is imperative to use it effectively in order to maximize its muscle treatment therapeutic qualities.

How to use a muscle roller stick


  • The first factor to consider while using a muscle roller stick is to always keep the muscles relaxed. When the body muscles stay relaxed the effect on the rolling stickruns deeper within the muscle. This aids to treat muscle pains more swiftly.
  • Make sure that you have light clothing or none at all on the muscle surface being stroked. Wearing heavy clothing inhibits the penetration of the muscle strokes, whichreduces the positive effects of the muscle roller stick.
  • The most effective time to use a muscle roller stick is just before a work out session or immediately after one.
  • The roller stick can also be used in between the workout sessions for instance;you can relax your quads in a break after a long run.
  • A muscle roller stick should bepassed around 20 consecutive passes aroundeach muscle group for 30 seconds per muscle. Each stroke around a muscle should be more intense than the previous.
  • The strokes should be more intense as you continue but there is a limit to the amount of pressure applied. Remember that the objective of this stick is to penetrate the muscle tissue but this process should not cause any sort of pain. Doing so may damage the muscle tissues.
  • Be more alert about the most aching body parts. Massaging the sore points increases the post-workout recovery process and curbs future injuries.
  • Additional passes should be done around muscle regions that pain chronically.Morefrequent and consistent strokes are vital for the swift recovery of such muscles.
  • Apply a level of patience when using a muscle rolling stick. Frequency and consistent use translate to better results.
How to use a muscle roller stick


The proper use of a muscle rolling stick is essential in self-therapy of aching muscles and has greatly improved the lives of many. These sticks are most prevalently used by physically active athletes and people who work out often hence it has become quite popular in gymstudios.

Its popularity is owed to its functionality in eliminating lesions simultaneously along with its feature of portability. Moreover, its use before a work out is a good form of warm-up that increases a person’s performance during the work out session. Knowing how to use this equipment will help to achieve maximal benefits from it.

It is evident that the muscle rolling stick is quite efficient to have both for people with an active lifestyle and those with a sedentary one.


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