The Incredible Benefits of a Massage Chair 

 February 28, 2021

By  Pham

Have you been feeling tired and burned out these days? Is the stress at work getting on your nerves? Well, keep reading because we’re offering the perfect solution to wake your tired muscles.

If you haven’t yet considered one, it is time to invest in a good massage chair. The benefits of a massage chair can be life-transforming as they cut out the muscle tension wearing you down, and make you a happier person!

A short-cut to feeling invigorated, fresh, and active – if you’re still not convinced, here are the undeniable benefits of a massage chair.  

1. The Best Stress Reliever

Stress is a daily part of everyone’s life. As detrimental as it is to our mental and physical health, it is unavoidable. Daily pollution, work stress, relationships, and emotional problems – anything can become a reason for frustration.

Even a few hours spent in traffic can spike up cortisol levels and free radicals in your body. However, there’s an effective way to combat these stressors. Spending thirty minutes in a soothing massage chair can relax your tired muscles and untie those painful knots that could land you with chronic back pain.

According to experts, a few minutes in a deep, invigorating massage chair can have the same effects as a  long session spent doing yoga stretches. This is because a massage chair is especially designed to stimulate all the muscle groups, increase blood flow, and deliver greater amounts of oxygen.

An intensive rhythmic massage evens out the tension and fatigue in your muscles, improves your posture, and generally uplifts your mood. You will almost feel like you’ve stepped out a professional spa after just one session.

2. Protection from Back Injury

If you don’t stretch or exercise often, you’re probably dealing with a very stiff and taut body. This can become worse when you spend your 9 to 5 on a seat. Your body isn’t designed to remain sedentary for too long. It wants movement and mobility; otherwise, the muscles start losing their vigor and vitality.

This is why people with desk-jobs are frequently advised to stretch their bodies. It is very important to release the tension collecting in your back muscles. Otherwise, it could cause a serious injury. Your back is what keeps you erect and straight.

Protecting your back is also important for people who do strength training. And the best way to warm up your muscles before you leap out into a stretch is by giving them a thorough massage. The unique benefit of a massage chair is that it frees up the tension in your back, limbs, and any sore area of the body.

 It works up all the muscles groups by delivering an intensive, deep-tissue massage. This allows your back muscles to stay habitual of movement and mobility so they won’t twist or become stiff.  

3. Drastically Improves Posture

Massage chairs have ball-shaped and pointed nodes that rotate in different directions to relieve muscle pain. As your muscles and tissues begin to relax, your posture will fall into its correct position on its own. Bad posture is the result of sitting for too long, slouching, or sleeping in the wrong position.

The pelvis and shoulders roll forward and the back forms an ugly arch. If you have a sore back, you might not use the group of muscles you normally do, causing you to sit unevenly. A massage chair can quickly solve this issue by delivering a tonic invigoration to the stiff muscles that should be supporting your back.

The biggest benefit of a massage chair is that relaxes the lower spine – where all the tension is trapped – and activates the upper spine to distribute tension equally. The more time you spend on a massage chair, the more balanced your posture and alignment will be.  

Types of Massage Chairs

Just like there are different types and levels of back and limb pain, there are also different massage chairs that target each one of these areas. Here’s a list to help you get started.

1. Full-Body Massage Chairs

A full-body massage chair does exactly what it’s named for. They are perfect if you want the overall benefits of a massage chair for your neck, shoulders, calves, feet, and body. They will grind into every muscle of your body and leave you feeling fresh and revitalized.

2. Heated Massage Chairs

Massage chairs that deliver heat therapy are perfect for targeting body sections like your lower back and neck muscles. If you have sciatica or arthritis, a heated massage can suck out the tension, soreness, and stiffness in your muscles.

As compared to full-body massage chairs, this one is far more intense and delivers targeted results. You will only need to treat yourself with a heated massage twice a week to see drastic improvements in your body.

3. Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

As the name suggests, these massage chairs mimic the experience of floating in outer space. It is quite similar to how pilots may feel in a zero gravity condition – weightless and relaxed.

These massage chairs enable inversion therapy that can instantly relieve muscle tension that’s holding you down. It also improves your overall posture, balance, and keeps your back erect.

4. Ottoman Massage Chairs

Known for their budget-friendly nature, everyone can own an Ottoman massage chair. They’re named after their versatile design and are a soft, comfy chair with a footrest. These massage chairs are user-friendly and take up less space. Even really tall people can sit and relax as the footrest can extend to accommodate taller people.

5. Air Massage Chairs

Air massage chairs have a very unique design. They incorporate a stack of airbags that inflate to massage every single part of your body. This lets you experience the benefits of a massage chair without the pain.

Unlike the grinding and pulsating sensation of normal massages, air massage chairs are more gentle and softer. If you have aching muscles that can’t handle the pressure of a normal massage, this one will work perfectly for you.

Once you get into a massage chair, there is no getting out.  Treat yourself to a powerful, deep-sinking massage every day for an instant dose of freshness with these amazing massage chairs. They are far more effective at treating hard-to-reach spots in your back and neck.

Michael Rodriguez

I'm a registered massage therapist out of Vancouver BC. I absolutely hate the information I find on Google about this industry and I started this blog to debunk these myths.

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