ProSource Sports Medicine Foam Roller Review 

 February 28, 2021

By  Pham

Stress and constant workload can affect one’s muscles and cause them to become tense and sore. Whether it’s because of your job, busy life at home or from an intense workout, everyone needs to loosen the knots and relax their muscles otherwise they risk feeling sluggish and expending extra energy.

Sore and cramped muscles also make daily activities painstakingly slow since our bodies require more energy and time to use tired and worn out muscles.

ProSource Sports Medicine Foam Roller

This reason is why regular massages at home using a foam roller are highly useful to help get rid of aching muscles. However, confusion about which foam roller to buy can lead to not getting desired results.

This reason is why the ProSource Sports Medicine Foam Roller is suitable for everyone due to its unique design. The surface of this foam roller has multiple textures and densities that can be suitable for everyone.

  • Length: Available in 13 and 24 inch
  • Diameter: 6 inches
  • Material: EVA Foam core
  • Foam Density: Medium
  • Texture: Bumps and Grooves with multiple density zones
  • Multiple colors available

Product Features

The features of the ProSource Sports Medicine Foam Roller are designed to provide unmatched benefits to consumers. The EVA foam interior of the foam roller makes it able to withstand a variety of body weights. The durability of the EVA foam contributes to its defined shape that won’t become deformed with use like the other foam rollers you’ve experienced.

The EVA core is the essence of the foam roller since it allows pressure to be reflected in the body tissues to relax them. This foam roller is unlike the rest due to the strength of the EVA foam that isn’t prone to breaking and bending like the other foam rollers you’ve used.

The tiny factor of this foam roller contributes to the fact that it is very long-lasting and won’t leave you anytime soon. Some notable features of this product:

  • Comes In Compact Size
  • Durable and retains shape
  • High withstanding capacity
  • Textured Surface for deep and even massage
  • Affordable
  • Improves flexibility
  • Strengthens muscles
  • Helps relax

Featured in a variety of lengths, you no longer have to worry about storing your foam roller at home because you can simply opt for a smaller version that provides the same benefits but takes lesser space. It also serves an option for users to keep a different foam roller for when they’re on the move to the gym or for a workout.

This compactness of smaller version serves as a great benefit for constantly traveling users who may need a massage when they’re away from home. The constant diameter no matter what length allows you the same comfort even if you have a smaller design.

Woman Exercising On Foam Roller

Perfect for athletes and physical trainers of all types, the ProSource Sports Medicine Foam Roller will help improve the flexibility of muscles to improve performance and efficient energy use.

Using this foam roller for pain treatment management following an injury or intense workout is highly beneficial since it improves the blood flow to oxygen-deprived tissues of the body. Athletes can help prevent tissue damage and injury by using this foam roller to strengthen the muscles because of a correlation between increased damage and softer tissues.

The medium density EVA foam used in the interior will allow the right amount of giving so that resistance can help release tension from the muscles. It’s neither too soft to break down or too hard to cause discomfort and unnecessary pain.

The surface and texture of the ProSource Sports Medicine Foam Roller make it a highly versatile piece of equipment that you can use for self-myofascial release. The surface features several ridges, bumps, and grooves which feature a change in density, so your muscles experience a soft yet firm massage.

The variety of different protrusions on the surface is so that no spot is left out and all muscles can be given equal pressure so that they become relaxed.

This foam roller can offer an amazing home-massage experience to help treat sore and tense muscles. You can even deal with pesky cramps more effectively using this foam roller to smooth them out. Using a foam roller for massaging muscles is proven to be highly effective because it also helps in reducing inflammation due to injury.

Another advantage is that it’ll also help you sleep better, so you don’t have to miss out on rest due to painful muscles. The models are also available in different colors to suit your preferences while the price is fairly affordable and suitable to everyone’s tastes.

What Others Say

Buyers of the ProSource Sports Medicine Foam Roller are surprised as to the price since it is fairly low compared to other textured foam rollers. They are impressed by its performance which is visible among the results they have achieved.

Many buyers claim that it is a much cheaper alternative to chiropractic and professional massage treatment since it cures them of sore muscles just the same. Users are happy with the compact design of the smaller design which allows them to carry it anywhere with them without having to compromise on the diameter of the core.

Buying Advice

Interested buyers must be aware of foam rolling and its different techniques before making a purchase. Beginners are highly advised to be careful since proper rolling is the only way to achieve better results.

ProSource Sports Medicine Foam Roller

Source: prosourcefit.com

If you’re interested in owning a ProSource Sports Medicine Foam Roller, then you can buy it from Amazon at an affordable price of around $29. You can also get the exclusive benefit of free shipping on a purchase from Amazon.

Final Verdict

This foam roller is sure to meet the needs of different body types due to its standard density core and multi-density texture. So no matter if you’re an athlete, a yogi or even a simple office worker you’re sure to avail all its benefits just the same. This highly recommended product will help in relaxing and treating tense muscles so don’t miss out and try it for yourself.


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