Why Using a Yoga Wheel For Back Pain Is a Brilliant Idea! 

 March 1, 2021

By  Pham

Yoga Wheels have been immensely popular since 2018 for their ability to revamp a yoga workout. But turns out, they can do a lot more than provide athletes and individuals with a great workout.

Yoga wheels are gaining popularity because of their ability to help individuals who complain about back pains. Whether chronic or arising due to a minor cause, back pains are still the most uncomfortable thing to experience. Yoga wheels are becoming a hot way to tackle them. So what’s the deal with yoga wheels and back pains? Read on!

What Is a Yoga Wheel?

A yoga wheel is a hollow disc made from sturdy material, which helps individuals to perform yogic moves by providing them with support and stability wherever they are placed.

The yoga wheel is available in various sizes and widths, offering varying degrees of comfort and safety. Besides this, a yoga wheel is also used in meditation exercises where straight postures are held for long periods of time and provides the back with support and stability to remain that way.

So How Can a Yoga Wheel Help Back Pain?

To understand how a yoga wheel can relieve back pain, you must understand back pain and how it’s caused. By knowing this, you’ll be able to decide whether you should opt for a broad or narrow, or a big or small yoga wheel.

The Causes Of Back Pain

Back pain can arise due to various reasons. Body Factors. It may arise due to a lack of nutrients like calcium, vitamins and minerals that are essential for bone health, or it may arise due to bad posture. Similarly, back pain can also result due to muscle or ligament strain, which is caused by a lack of exercise.

Lifestyle Factors. Back pain can also arise due to a sedentary lifestyle where individuals sit at desk jobs for long periods of time without getting proper support for their back and can also be exacerbated by sitting on uncomfortable furniture and not getting enough exercise.

Gender Difference. But that’s not all. In women, back pain can be caused by a number of factors, the leading ones being pregnancy and large breast size; the latter being a source of chronic pain and discomfort.

Negligence. Back pain can also result from physical exercise if it’s not performed properly. It can also arise due to improper warm up and cool down techniques and over
exertion of the core and back muscles.

Medical Factors. Back pain can also result from ailments like osteoporosis, arthritis and skeletal irregularities. These conditions require medical attention, treatment
and rehabilitative exercise to help the back become stronger and better.

How Can a Yoga Wheel Help Back Pain?

The yoga wheel has been a great favorite amongst yogis, especially beginners. But turns out, it’s a godsend for those who have back pain or experience it every now and then. A yoga wheel helps back pain by…

…Providing Muscles With Support

When performing certain postures in yoga, individuals have to hold their position and rely on their muscles to get them through those few seconds. Unfortunately, this isn’t a great option for those who experience back pain as a daily condition or even as a onetime thing.

Muscles can become tired when they’re not used to a certain kind of movement, but supplementing a movement with a yoga wheel can actually relieve the muscles from the pressure. 

…Doubling As a Massager

The best part about using yoga wheels for long meditation exercises is that when an individual sits upright and performs poses like backbends and planks, the pressure is on the back and core muscles.

Turns out, the yoga wheel actually doubles as a massager when used in exercises and postures like these, which is just such a brilliant way to get relief and support at the same time. So using a yoga wheel to perform exercises implicating the back can actually be pretty relaxing.

…Providing Balance and Increasing Endurance

For pregnant mothers and the elderly, using a yoga wheel to supplement your yoga movements and postures is a great way to prevent injury to the back.

The wheel helps such individuals to hold their position longer and also helps them to do it easily without putting pressure on their spine or lower back. In other words, you can work out and get the right support.

… Making Backbends Easy

In yoga, backbends are a pretty big thing and an important posture. In fact, backbends are known to strengthen the back muscles and spine. However, those with back pain should use a yoga wheel to supplement such exercises.

The yoga wheel helps to keep your spine steady and aligned and takes away the exertion involved. It’s an absolute win-win situation – you get a strong back and the right support, too!

What Yoga Postures Can Be Done With a Yoga Wheel to Relieve Back Pain?

If you’ve got a pesky back pain, here are some cool yoga poses to try with a yoga wheel to help ease your back.

But before we get to the poses, it’s important to consult your doctor and trainer if you’ve got a medical condition that implicates your back or if you’re pregnant. As always, it’s wise to perform exercise with new equipment under the supervision of a professional.

So what yoga postures for back pain can be supplemented with a wheel?

Try the Reverse Plank

Just like a plank but in reverse, this pose helps to relieve pressure from the spine, especially the tailbone.

Begin by placing the wheel behind your back and resting your tailbone on it. Extend your arms and place your palms parallel to your shoulders, with your fingers pointing inwards.

Make sure your feet are flat on the ground and the yoga wheel is along your tailbone. Hold the posture for a few seconds, release, and then repeat.

Try This Variation of the Camel Pose

The camel pose provides a great stretch for the spine and back muscles, and when supplemented with a yoga wheel for back pain, it provides almost-instant relief.

Sit upright with your legs extended and position the yoga wheel behind your back. Slowly lean into the wheel so that it’s directly under your spine while you lift your body. Your feet must be planted on the ground.

Lean back forwards and support your head with folded elbows. Your hands should be facing inwards and should be parallel to your deltoids.

Try This Seated Forward Fold

Great for those who have pain in their lower back, this super easy posture is easy to perform and doesn’t require any back bends.

Start by sitting upright and with your legs extended. Position the wheel between your calves (it should be just after your knee). Slowly bend forward till your head is resting on the wheel and your arms are extended all the way to your ankle.

Hold the position for a few minutes and repeat. You can shift the yoga wheel a bit further for an even deeper stretch as you go.

Amazing, right? No wonder yoga wheels for back pain are the next big thing – talk about taking your health and pain management into your own hands! After all, yoga is the
supreme form of physical activity that strengthens the whole body with careful stretching and movement!

As always, if your back pain lasts for more than a day and is hampering your mobility, contact your medical health professional immediately.

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