Yoga Wheel For Beginners

Yoga wheel

If you’re a yoga enthusiast, then you’ll definitely love the yoga wheel! But before we get to this awesome contraption, let’s take a look at what yoga really is.

Known to be a practice that combines the physical, mental and spiritual, Yoga originates from the Hindu religion that propagates harmony within oneself in order to be a whole individual. In the modern 21st century, yoga has become a fad, which is popular for the brilliant effects that it has on the body and mental health of individuals.

The practices that are involved in yoga focus on exercises that improve breathing, meditation and physical health. Even research conducted into the benefits of yoga has revealed the amazing benefits of incorporating this amazing exercise into your daily routine.

Popular Benefit

1. Increased Flexibility And Body Strength

Yogic postures help the body’s muscles to gain flexibility, which can’t be achieved via other forms of physical exercise. The gradual progression of poses is testimony to how the human body can achieve malleability, which is great for joints, bones and circulation.

Those who practice yoga regularly have better posture, more powerful joints and are less at risk of ailments like arthritis and osteoporosis. Their muscles are stronger and their bones are healthier – in other words, yoga is a miracle.

2. Improves Mental Cognitions

Mental cognitions refer to the functions and capacities of intelligence, memory, mood regulation, stress management and others. According to research conducted into the long term effects of performing yoga, these cognitions are vastly improved and sharpened.

This is possible because yoga requires focus, deep breathing and meditation. These help the brain to create newer pathways and strengthen old ones.

3. Regulates Adrenal Functions

The human body is primed to respond to stress by releasing cortisol – a hormone that acts as an anti-inflammatory and produces a surge of immunity. However, life isn’t easy and stressors can trigger too much cortisol. This can put you at risk of depression, cause insulin dysregulation, limit memory and reduce the body’s vitamin and mineral supply.

According to research, yoga helps to improve the body’s resistance to pain and also decreases the body’s response to stress.

By now, you probably have an idea of how deep the benefits of yoga go into improving your body, brain and spiritual health! So let’s get into yoga’s most popular prop – The Yoga Wheel!

Yoga With A Yoga Wheel – What’s The Deal With This?

Just like other workouts, yoga also has equipment and props that aid the body in producing movements and targeting certain concerns – the yoga wheel is one such piece of equipment.

What’s a Yoga Wheel?

Well, that’s pretty self explanatory. A yoga wheel is a round hollow disc that helps yogis to practice and perfect inversions. It can also be used in various poses that involve the shoulder, hips, chest, spine and even back.

Why Use a Yoga Wheel?

Props and equipment alike in physical exercise are designed to aid beginners when they’re practicing certain yoga poses that may seem difficult at first.

It’s not to say that the yoga wheel should be used as a crutch; rather, it’s a way to support the body in other to achieve the right position. And the best part is that it’s pretty versatile; besides adding support, it also helps to enhance the efficacy of various yoga positions for a great stretch.

The yoga wheel also adds variety to your workout routine. If you’re looking to take your usual yogic poses to the next level or perform a more advanced one, using a yogic wheel can help you get into those positions safely.

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What Are the Benefits of the Yoga Wheel For Beginners?

Yoga wheels are pretty cool and according to manufacturers and professional yogis, they’ve got some amazing benefits!

These versatile hollow discs are amazing for beginners and experts yogis. Even those with conditions like arthritis and osteoporosis have been able to partake in advanced yoga thanks to these props. Besides, the prop is more than just a support for yoga poses – so read on to see what the amazing benefits of using a yoga wheel are!

1. They Help Beginners Perform Challenging PosesEasily

When you introduce a yoga wheel into your yoga workout, you’re making your life quite easy. In the beginning, it’s not easy to stretch as much and performing backbends and moves alike can be quite hard.

However, with a yoga wheel, you avoid the forceful and painful bends by adding support. The wheel helps to balance your body and provide sturdy support without taxing your body’s capacity. In fact, even expert yogis incorporate yoga wheels to perform advanced poses.

2. It Helps Those With Flexibility Limitations

If you’re new to yoga, you’re probably familiar with this! To achieve the flexibility that yogis talk about, it takes tons of practice and patience, and this is where the yoga wheel comes in. If you’re finding it hard to stretch and hold certain positions, try using a yoga wheel.

Not only does the prop give you enough support to help you hold the position, but it also helps you to correct your posture and keep balance. The yoga wheel is especially handy when it comes to hero poses.

3. It Provides You With a Core Workout

All athletes will tell you how important it is to have a strong core, and even yogis will agree that they owe their strength to their core. The big group of muscles helps to alleviate pressure from other limbs and for beginner yogis, incorporating a yoga wheel equals to a great core workout.

Especially for poses like the Plank, mountain core, the tree and the eagle, individuals need a strong core. Adding a yoga wheel to these positions provides better balance and helps your body to engage the right muscles.

4. It Helps With Endurance and Balance

In the beginning, your muscles will fall prey to fatigue because of lack of stamina, making it hard to hold poses for longer than a mere second or two. However, the yoga wheel provides a solution to this by increasing endurance and providing balance by assisting your muscles with some extra help.

Great for beginner yogis, the yoga wheel helps to build stamina gradually and hold the positions correctly and for the required time.

5. It’s Great For Those With Back Problems

Backbends are essential in yoga, but not everyone has a strong back, unfortunately. However, yoga wheels have solved this problem for beginner and professional yogis since they were first introduced.

If you’ve got back problems, incorporate the use of yoga wheels. It helps to relieve pressure from your back and helps you perform hose backbends in a safe way. The support provided by the yoga wheel is essential to prevent injury, which can result from certain poses.

6. The Wheel Can Be Used In Any way!

The yoga wheel is one of the most versatile equipment. Great for those who want to simply meditate, perform restorative poses or go all in into yogic exercises, the wheel can provide support to any form of yoga workout and to yogis of any levels.

One of the stellar reasons yoga wheels are amazing is because it doubles as a massager, too. Those who have back pains or meditate sitting upright for long periods of time have benefited from the use of yoga wheels.

Are you convinced about the wonders of the yoga wheel for beginners? It’s definitely an investment worth making! Available in various sizes and various widths, makesure to ask your sports professional about the best yoga wheel! And as always, practice precaution when using any sports equipment.

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