The Best Carpal Tunnel Brace to Relieve Wrist Pain 

 April 25, 2021

By  Pham

Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when there is too much pressure on the median nerve, which goes through your wrist and passes to your carpal tunnel. Some carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms include numbness of the palm and fingers, burning and tingling sensations, and tenderness of the wrist. The best carpal tunnel brace provides wrist support that helps in reducing carpal tunnel pain, which causes discomfort. When the symptoms are left untreated, they can lose grip strength, losing feeling in the fingers, muscle wasting, or loss of coordination.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by medical conditions like diabetes, pregnancy, high blood pressure, thyroid disease and can also be caused by repetitive motions like typing. The best carpal tunnel braces help by keeping the wrist in a neutral position and reducing the compression of the median nerve.

You don't have to be experiencing carpal tunnel pain to wear the carpal tunnel wrist braces because they can also be worn to speed recovery, relieve pain, avoid re-injuries, and keep your wrist in a neutral position when sleeping.

Below we have rounded up the best carpal tunnel braces on the market today with their pros and cons. We have also included a buying guide to help you make an informed decision.

1. Mueller Fitted Wrist Brace

MUELLER Green Fitted Wrist Brace, Left Hand, Small/Medium (5-8), Black
  • INTENDED USE: Helps relieve pain and swelling associated with carpel...
  • FIT: Intended for the Left Wrist. Size Small/Medium. 2 adjustable...
  • SUPPORT: The wrist brace supports the weak or injured wrist while...
  • FABRIC: The soft, lightweight fabric is comfortable to wear all day....
  • TRUSTED BRAND: Mueller Sports Medicine has been a trusted leader in...

If you are looking for the best wrist brace to treat carpal tunnel syndrome or any carpal tunnel pain, then this Mueller Fitted Wrist Brace should be your first choice. With plenty of positive reviews online, it is the best treatment to offer relief to all kinds of wrist pain. The support brace features one metal spoon to stabilize your wrist's bottom and another one on top for additional support.

Mueller Fitted Wrist Brace is made of a lightweight and breathable fabric that you can wear for a long time and comes with adjustable straps to control compression. The fabric features an antimicrobial finish that prevents it from smelling or deteriorating fast. It has extra padding along the wrist for extra comfort with moisture-wicking technology that keeps your hand dry, cool, and odor-free.

  • Pros
  • Moisture-wicking technology.
  • Flexible construction.
  • Ergonomic design providing superior support.
  • Extra padding for comfort.
  • Helps to reduce pain and inflammation.
  • It can be used for day-to-day and also sports activities.
  • Maximum versatility.
  • Cons
  • Only can fit one hand.
  • Some reviews say the thumb hole is small.

2. ComfyBrace Night Wrist Sleep Support Brace

Night Wrist Sleep Support Brace - Fits Both Hands - Cushioned to Help...

ComfyBrace Night Wrist Support Brace is the best wrist support for your hand and wrist pain if you do not need surgery. The wrist brace has thousands of positive reviews online and is designed to offer maximum support, and with breathable, lightweight material, it is also comfortable to sleep with. The brace is available in one size only, easy to slip on, and can be used on either hand by adjusting the compression using the hook and loop fasteners.

The ComfyBrace Night Wrist braces feature cushioned beads instead of a metal splint that provides support for your wrists, and this design effectively adjusts to your hand's shape guaranteeing a snug fit for the small wrists. The ComfyBrace Night Wrist support can be used with wrist pain, including carpal tunnel syndrome patients.

  • Pros
  • The brace can provide support to either hand.
  • Suitable for use when sleeping.
  • Speeds up the wrists' recovery.
  • Hook and loop fasteners for a snug fit.
  • Cushioned beads for maximum comfort for the wrist pain.
  • The brace is very durable and breathable for the night and long term use.
  • Full money-back guarantee.
  • Cons
  • Not the best carpal tunnel wrist brace for severe pain.

3. Wellgate PerfectFit Wrist Support

Wellgate for Women, PerfectFit Wrist Brace for Wrist Support, Right
  • WRIST SUPPORT FOR WOMEN. Wellgate for Women is the wrist brace made...
  • ULTIMATE COMFORT. The memory foam provides everyday comfort in any...
  • CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME . The Wellgate Advanced Support wrist brace is...
  • ULTIMATE DESIGN. The PerfectFit prevents gapping & chaffing and the...
  • Soft breathable fabric for everyday comfort: work, home or sleep.

Wellgate PerfectFit Wrist Support is designed for women but is suitable for anyone except people with exceptionally large wrists. It has a slim-fit design and moisture-wicking technology to keep your hand comfortable, cool, and dry all day or night. To add more relief and comfort, the wrist brace is made with soothing memory foam and features a streamlined design which enables this soft fabric to be worn under clothing.

Wellgate PerfectFit is the best choice for women with pain in their wrists from health problems like carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, arthritis, or sprains. The brace has a flexible design with adjustable straps that allow the person to keep the wrist in a neutral position or bend it, making it ideal for everyday tasks, typing, and sleeping. The wrist brace features a rigid plastic splint that goes under your wrist and on top of a flexible stabilizer.

  • Pros
  • It is made of lightweight and breathable fabric.
  • The wrist brace has a comfortable memory foam core.
  • Offers flexible support.
  • Palmar splint is great at immobilizing the wrist and doesn't warp under pressure.
  • Fully adjustable.
  • The brace has two stabilizers for additional support.
  • Cons
  • Only available in one size.
  • Not ideal for severe wrist pain treatment.

4. Vive Wrist Brace Carpal Tunnel Hand Compression

Vive Wrist Brace - Carpal Tunnel Hand Compression Support Wrap for...
  • PROTECT AND STABILIZE YOUR WRIST: Stabilizing and supporting the...
  • CUSTOMIZABLE COMPRESSION THERAPY: Two adjustable straps allow you to...
  • REMOVABLE SPLINT FOR FLEXIBLE USE: A lightweight, durable splint...
  • ADJUSTABLE LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN: Universally sized to accommodate most...
  • VIVE GUARANTEE: 60 day unconditional guarantee so you can purchase now...

Vive Wrist Brace is among the best wrist braces on the market to reduce pain caused by a carpal tunnel with an option of removing the splint from the brace while working or when in need of a full-motion range. It is fully adjustable and reduces pain and inflammation by supporting and stabilizing the wrist for people with carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis.

The Vive carpal tunnel wrist brace has two velcro straps that allow the user to adjust the compression. The brace also retains therapeutic heat to improve blood circulation and promote healing. The wrist brace also features a removable splint that helps hold your wrist in a neutral position and allows your full hand in everyday activities. It is the best wrist brace for carpal tunnel syndrome and post-surgery health issues like arthritis, strains, repetitive stress injury, strains, or tendonitis.

  • Pros
  • Friendly price.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Lightweight removable splint.
  • Cons
  • Available in a universal size and might not fit a smaller wrist.

5. BraceUP Adjustable Wrist Support

Adjustable Wrist Wrap by BraceUP for Men and Women - Workouts Wrist...
  • [Protect & Stabilize] The BraceUP wrist braces provide maximum...
  • [Durable & Comfortable] The neoprene-blend materials soft against the...
  • [Workout Support & Multi-use] Helps relieve weak or sore wrist for...
  • [Adjustable Lightweight Design] Fully adjustable straps and the thumb...
  • [Unisex Single Unit] Fit both left and right wrists; Perfect size for...

BraceUP Adjustable Wrist Support brace is among the best carpal tunnel braces in the market, featuring two splints that offer rigid support for your wrist, especially for people who developed carpal tunnel pain from typing. The carpal tunnel wrist braces are made of a breathable material lined with an antimicrobial inside that prevents any growth of bacteria. The brace is effective for carpal tunnel syndrome, severe wrist injuries, or arthritis pain. It offers rigid support but is not suitable for activities that require the wrist to be in a bending position.

The BraceUp carpal tunnel wrist brace is available in one size only and can be used on either wrist where you slip your finger into the thumb loop, wrap the brace on your wrist and stabilize it to achieve compression. The carpal tunnel brace is suitable for playing sports, reducing any typing pain because of its non-restrictive nature and affordable price.

  • Pros
  • The carpal tunnel wrist brace has been lined with an antimicrobial material.
  • Padded to offer maximum comfort.
  • Moisture-wicking technology.
  • Drawstring bag to store the carpal tunnel brace.
  • Cons
  • The metal splints may be uncomfortable, according to some reviews.

What to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Carpal Tunnel Braces

1. Types of carpal tunnel braces

a). Wrist Brace

This type focuses on wrist support instead of the palmar aspect of the hand but some wrap around the thumb. You will have a range of motion because support is more flexible than rigid, and this is a suitable type if you are looking for a lightweight brace that offers modest support.

b). Night brace

The night braces provide a higher immobilization level by extending farther up your arm, and they keep your hand and wrist in a neutral position while you sleep. Some styles allow fingers and thumb to move, but others don't allow, but they are usually cushioned to be very comfortable.

c). Standard brace

Standard braces are known for their rigidness, mostly made of stiff fabrics, and they feature Velcro systems that offer compressive support. The thumb and fingers are exposed to function for these standard braces, but they still limit your mobility.

2. Splint Type

These are advanced carpal tunnel wrist braces that provide a maximum splint and mostly feature a splint, and they are of different types, including:

a). Plastic Vs. Metal

Carpal tunnel splints are either metal or plastic, but most people choose plastic. Metal splints offer more stability but come with the additional weight, and they can be harmful to your skin if the brace fabric breaks. Most people opt to go with plastic splints, which are safer and lightweight.

b). Removable vs. integrated

Removable splints are suitable for people who need an option that provides extra support on the one hand and extra mobility on the other hand. These splints offer a wide use range, and some people use them during the day for additional flexibility and at night to get better support. On the other hand, integrated splints are sewn into the carpal tunnel braces and provide support in plenty but not much flexibility or mobility.

c). Compression style

Any carpal tunnel brace needs to achieve the proper amount of compression, and most use Velcro as the perfect option, with others using less practical compressions like bolts or laces. Velcro straps on carpal tunnel braces act as both a sophisticated compression system and also used for convenience. However, Velcro straps wear out with time, but they can be easily replaced.

d). Fit style

The best carpal tunnel braces are either hand specific or reversible, which means they can be worn on any hand. Reversible styles seem to be a more practical fit because they are one-size-fits-all. Still, the hand-specific styles consider all anatomical aspects when designing to guarantee a better fit.

2. Material

Anything worn on your skin should always be made of high-quality materials, and these braces are no exceptions. The cheap material of wrist braces can cause excessive sweating, inflammation, or skin irritation, and they also don't offer durability. However, high-quality materials of a breathable fabric meaning will provide the necessary support without getting too sweaty and also opt for materials that can be washed when they get dirty.

Many wrist braces use a soft neoprene material, but any soft and breathable material will still work, and it's important to find a carpal tunnel wrist brace that is most comfortable for you. Other materials that carpal tunnel braces include polyester, lycra, and spandex, allowing a range of motion. However, some less flexible materials like nylon webbing are ideal for maintaining a brace's integrity and mobility.

3. Purpose

The purpose is the main reason behind your need for the best carpal tunnel brace, and these reasons vary from one person to another. For someone with no particular reason, opt for a universal brace but a specific purpose such as typing, sports, carpal tunnel syndrome, or work, opt for one that will serve your needs the best. For example, you can choose the special bowling brace for sports like bowling and faster injury recovery, and you can opt to go with night braces.

4. Fit/Size

Before purchasing your carpal tunnel brace, make sure you confirm the size because even though most models fit most hands, it's still better if you are sure the size will fit you. Measuring the size is especially important for individuals with an extra-wide or extra narrow wrist because wearing the wrong size of a brace can lack enough wrist support and result in additional pain.

5. Padding

Whether you are wearing the brace at night or during the day, padding can make a huge difference, but not all wrist braces feature them. The additional padding provides extra support for your wrist but keeps in mind that too much padding will reduce flexibility and restrict movement. If you use the brace for long periods during the day, opt for a tunnel brace with less padding.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I wear my carpal tunnel brace all the time?

According to studies done in 2012, using the carpal tunnel brace at night relieved some carpal tunnel symptoms like tingling and numbness than not using any treatments. The support brace treatment can also be essential to wear the carpal tunnel brace during the day while performing activities that may put an extra strain, trigger flare-ups, or repetitive motions that can worsen your symptoms.

2. Should you sleep with a carpal tunnel brace on?

Yes, you should, especially with mild to moderate carpal tunnel syndrome, because the splint will hold your joints in a neutral position. These symptoms usually worsen at night because of the high chance of your wrist bending when sleeping, and the splint helps to avoid that from happening.

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