6 Easy Ways to Loosen a Tight IT Band With a Foam Roller

Here's the deal: Time Magazine reported that foam rolling is a way more effective hip pain treatment than stretching. Not only that, but it's also a fantastic way to improve your body's elasticity as well.

Sound too good to be true? Thankfully, we have the science to back us up. 

Wondering how to relax your muscles after a long workout? Here are six easy ways to loosen a tight IT band with a foam roller.

1. Foam Roll Your Quads

You might be wondering: what's an IT band? Basically, an IT band is a leg muscle that's commonly overused by runners. Amazingly, it runs all the way from your thigh to your shin.

Why does this matter? Because a tight IT band can lead to some more serious issues like:

  • major knee pain
  • severe hip pain
  • swelling in the leg

That's why it's so important to rest your quads after a tough workout. How so? By trying out a new foam rolling activity.

When it comes to IT band exercises, foam rolling your quads is definitely one of the most popular ones.

Just place a foam roller near your knee and make your way to your thigh as slowly as you can. Bend your knee for an extra stretch. 

2. Foam Roll Your Hamstrings

Have you ever foam rolled your hamstrings? If so, then you'll know it's the best way to get relief from everyday pain that builds up from things such as:

  • Running
  • Biking
  • Climbing stairs

The goal? To stretch IT band muscles until they release the tension they've built up throughout the day.

Here's how: slowly move the foam roller over your hamstring near your knee. Now, continue to roll back and forth across your hips. Make sure to focus on your entire hamstring muscle too. 

3. Foam Roll Your Glutes

Imagine how tight our glutes get from sitting in an office chair all day. Searching for a way to treat chronic glute pain? Then, you've come to the right place. 

We can't emphasize this enough: an IT band foam roller is the #1 way to stretch your glutes. Still curious? We'll show you how (it's simpler than you'd think).

First of all, have a seat and place your right hip onto your foam roller. Try to criss-cross your right ankle over your left leg. Once you've done this, move the foam roller across your glutes.

Pro tip? Take your time rolling over the areas that hurt. It might be painful, but it's worth it! 

4. Foam Roll Your Hips

Do you like to stay in shape? In order to stay inside the gym and outside of a hospital bed, you need to take the time to foam roll your hips. 

If you're someone who constantly has IT band hip pain, then you should do this exercise: Place a yoga mat underneath you and begin moving the foam roller back and forth across your right hip.

Feel like your hip muscle is literally screaming at you? That's how you'll know that it's working. Don't forget to place your hands and forearm on the floor to keep you stable during this exercise. 

You can also move your left leg to cross your right. Just remember to keep your left foot as flat as you can against the floor. That way, you'll have the perfect form for this stretch. 

5. Foam Roll Your Calves

Have you ever felt your calves tighten after a long run? That's exactly what it feels like when your stiff IT band affects your calf muscle. That's why you should stretch out your calves with a nice, firm foam roller as soon as you can.

Not sure how to get started? We're here for you. You can begin by sitting flat on the floor. Once you've done that, you can stretch your legs out in front of you. Remember to keep your hands on the ground behind your back for support.

Ready for the fun part? Put your foam roller directly beneath your calf muscle. When you're ready, you can start moving back and forth with the foam roller. Make sure that you roll across your knees and ankles too.  

6. Foam Roll Your Feet

Ever wondered what it's like to go on a jog around the block without your feet killing you when you're done? The answer is simple: foam roll your feet. That way, your feet and your IT band can relax as well. 

Don't know where to begin? Take off your shoes first. Once you're in your socks (or barefoot), place the foam roller directly beneath your foot's arch. Slowly lean your weight onto the foam roller. 

The rest is easy: Just gently rock your foam roller across your foot until you start to feel some pain relief. But there's a catch: you have to be careful with this exercise!

Want to turn it up a notch? Grab onto a wall and put your full weight onto your foam roller. Then, move back and forth across both of your feet. 

Looking to release your tense IT band? Here's everything you should know about foam rolling.

You Don't Have to Suffer From a Tight IT Band

Are you someone who suffers from a tight IT band? Your life doesn't have to be miserable just because you have muscle tension.

Now: you know that it's possible to live a life that's free from IT band tightness. Go out there and get your (foam) roll on!

Contact us to learn more about choosing the right foam roller for you!

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6 Benefits of Foam Rolling for Your Muscles

Did you know that foam rollers are a part of a self-massage method that originated in the 1920s? The idea is that you can improve your issues with pain and mobility by becoming more aware of your own body. 

In recent years you've probably heard the praises sung about foam rollers. But what are the benefits of foam rolling? 

We have six ways your body will benefit from using a foam roller. 

1. Ease Your Muscle Pain 

Using a roller can reduce the soreness and inflammation in your muscles. Delayed onset muscle soreness is a common ailment for those who are physically active. You will feel your muscles grow sore a day or two after your workout. 

Use your roller immediately after your exercise and repeat in the days that follow. This will reduce the level of soreness you feel. 

One study proved this by tracking 8 male athletes. Each man used a foam roller for 20 minutes immediately after their exercise. Then they used it again 24 and 48 hours after the exercise. 

Those in the study who used the foam roller experienced less delayed onset muscles soreness. They also outperformed the non-foam roller users during the exercises. 

2. Increase Your Range of Motion 

Your range of motion directly related to your overall flexibility and performance. It is important to maintain your flexibility to reduce your chance of injury. 

Using a foam roller can help you stretch and lengthen your muscles. For the most effective results, combine your foam rolling with static stretching. The combination will give you a greater range of motion. 

Incorporate your foam rolling and static stretching into your workout by doing it at the end. This is when your muscles are warm and tired. You will reduce your chance of soreness and increase flexibility all at once. 

One study that followed 11 adolescent athletes found that a combination of static stretching and foam rolling was the most effective for increasing their range of motion. This benefit was achieved by doing 10-minute stretching sets.

3. Reduce the Appearance of Cellulite 

Don't we all dread that dimpling effect that suddenly appears on our thighs, buttock, and stomach? Some users claim that using a foam roller can help break up your facia and thereby reduce the look of cellulite. Facia is the connective tissue under your skin and contributes to the dimpled look of cellulite. 

Unfortunately, this is only a temporary effect. You won't get permanent curative effects from foam rolling your cellulite. The best way to permanently reduce the look of cellulite is to stay active, eat healthily, and maintain a healthy weight. 

4. Say Goodbye to Back Pain 

Using a foam roller on your back as a part of your warm-up can result in significantly improved performance during your workout. It can also help you relieve any back pain you may be experiencing. 

You need to take care when using a foam roller on your back, though. If you do it wrong, you can easily injure or strain your back further. 

To properly use your foam roller, turn it vertical so that it is in line with your spine. Now slowly roll from side to side while keeping the roller in line with your spine. 

If you use the foam roller in a horizontal position, you risk it causing your back to arch. This will strain the muscles in your lower back and along your spine.

5. Manage Your Fibromyalgia 

Fibromyalgia pain tends to be all over aching. Then other times, it can be a burning or a deep stabbing pain. For many with this condition, the pain is centered around joints in their neck, shoulders, back, and hips. 

Using a foam roller can help manage this pain and reduce the level of stiffness experienced. One study of 66 adults with Fibromyalgia found that after 20 weeks they generally felt better and had less pain intensity. 

Many participants also reported that they experienced less fatigue and depression. A greater range of motion was also reported. 

6. Time to Relax

Use the time with your foam roller as a few minutes to escape the stress of the day and relax. The roller will break up the tightness in your muscles and allow your body to release the tension it is holding from you feeling stressed. 

As your muscles release and become more fluid, let your mind calm. This will give you an overall feeling of peace and relaxation. 

One study followed 20 women and their use a foam roller. All of the participants would walk on a treadmill. Then some of them would rest for 30 minutes while others would use a foam roller. 

Science showed that there wasn't a big difference between the women data-wise. However, this is only scientific research. The best way to determine if it will work for you is to try it. 

Get the Greatest Benefit From Your Foam Roller

You must use your foam roller correctly if you want to get the maximum benefit from its use. Using it correctly will also prevent you from causing further injury. 

To start, apply light pressure and build on the pressure as you get comfortable and more used to foam rolling. Don't be surprised if you find rolling a bit painful at first. This is because your muscles are very tight and need time and work to relax. 

Reduce the amount of bodyweight you are putting on the foam roller to reduce the discomfort you feel. For example, if you are rolling your calf, you can use your arms to support yourself so that you take some of the pressure off of your leg. 

Keep your rolling to 10 seconds on tender areas when starting. Then you can slowly build up your time to 30 seconds and then 60 seconds. 

Experience the Benefits of Foam Rolling

As you can see, this round piece of foam can give you a wide range of positive effects. All you need to do to experience the benefits of foam rolling is to commit to doing it. 

Using your foam roller once won't give you the results you hope for. However, with long term use, you will start to see the benefits we've described in this blog post.

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OPTP Standard Density Pro-Roller Review

OPTP Standard Density Pro-Roller Review

Busy schedules and lifestyles can take a toll on one's health, and the presence of body pain and aches is proof of it. This feature makes a good foam roller a necessity for a lot of people, whether they want to use it exclusively for yoga or not.

In fact, a high-quality foam roller is an essential for any yoga or pilates class so making mistakes about which one to buy can be pretty costly.

Woman Exercising On OPTP PRO Roller

This feature makes it essential that if you're looking for a foam roller, it should have the right amount of firmness and softness to maintain your body pressure. The large variety of foam rollers in the market make it difficult for buyers to choose the right one. With some beginners, they may not even know which one to use, so it leads to much confusion.

This factor makes the OPTP Standard Density Pro-Roller the one foam roller to suit your needs.  It offers enough resistance to releasing the tension in your muscles without causing any discomfort. 

It is the best product to help start your pain management therapy and even to reduce stress. By using the OPTP Pro-Roller, anyone can begin their journey towards pain-free muscles and joints by massaging themselves at home without having to visit a massaging spa each time. 

  • Dimensions: 36 x 6 inches
  • Material: EVA Foam
  • Available in Blue and Green
  • Shipping weight: 1.6 lbs
  • Used For Yoga And Pilates
  • Formamide-Free
  • Standard Density

Product Features

The features of the OPTP Pro-Roller provide amazing benefits to its users. It is suitable for yoga, pilates and even homes massage therapy which makes it a highly versatile fitness tool. The dimensions allow it to accommodate people of various body types which make it very inclusive.

The Pro-Roller comprises of standard density, heat-molded EVA foam which gives it a higher withstanding capacity than most foam rollers. With a higher weight withstanding capacity, it becomes a great choice for bodybuilders and heavyweight people that would be concerned about using foam rollers due to their lack of perceived sustainability.

Moreover, it is highly durable and long-lasting which means it can survive wear and tear from high-intensity yoga exercises you would want to carry out without you having to buy one too often.

The fact that it is light yet able to sustain pressure gives it the added benefit of being light-weight. It is sturdy yet able to give in to pressure which makes it highly effective for pain relief and treatment.

This feature is useful for treating any hip and back pains without having to lie on the floor because it can be used on a bed as well. Even when used for massage therapy at home, it gives the right amount of resistance to treat your sore muscles. Seasoned yogis and even beginners can attain the benefit of improving their flexibility using an OPTP PRO-Roller for their exercises.

Furthermore, this foam roller doesn’t include any latex material or traces which help avoid problems like odors and shrinking.

Woman Using OPTP PRO Roller

The OPTP Pro-Roller is made of high-quality EVA foam and is also formamide-free which means you don’t have to worry about any odors that will ruin your experience and can relieve tense muscles comfortably.

The EVA foam is a superior alternative to regular PVC and is much easier to clean as well so you can simply disinfect it using a wipe or some mild soap which can be wiped off using a moist cloth. This property helps keep it away from germ build up that is harmful to your health.

The durability of the OPTP Pro-Roller makes it long-lasting and a perfect solution for your massaging needs. The fact that it is also available at an affordable price makes it a one-time investment that will leave you satisfied for a long time.


  • Not too soft to break
  • Not too firm to cause any discomfort
  • No smell and easy to clean
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Good for home massage
  • Affordable


  • Can’t be bent for easy storage

What Others Say 

Many people that have bought the OPTP Pro-Roller are satisfied with their purchase since it was able to help them achieve the results they desired such as treating chronic back and shoulder pains.

Other fitness enthusiasts have commented on how this foam roller is a good choice to help perform the MELT method whereas athletes are pleased with how it has helped them throughout pain management therapy.

Users of the OPTP Pro-Roller are surprised as to the durability of this roller which can sustain heavyweights and last a long time. They find it much easier to clean than other foam rollers due to the smooth material that doesn’t have any grooves that can be difficult to clean and cause discomfort after some use.

Buying Advice 

The OPTP Pro-Roller is the most recommended foam roller praised by many trainers and fitness personalities. Although many people have commented that the lack of flexibility makes the product difficult to store and put away, this is due to reason. 

OPTP PRO Rollers

Source: optp.com

The lack of flexibility is sole to prevent unnecessary breaking and to crack which would weaken the foam roller's effectiveness. 

The benefits mentioned above would make this product the best option since you can buy it on Amazon for a great price of around $50. Purchase from Amazon will provide all interested buyers with the benefit of free shipping as well. 

Final Verdict

Whether you’re an athlete, yogi, take pilates classes or want to treat your sore muscles without breaking the bank, the OPTP Pro-Roller is suitable for you. Buying it can help reduce your stress levels and help you relax while in the comfort of your own home. It helps you take a great step towards taking better care of yourself, and no one should miss out on such an experience.


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ProSource Sports Medicine Foam Roller Review

ProSource Sports Medicine Foam Roller Review

Stress and constant workload can affect one’s muscles and cause them to become tense and sore. Whether it’s because of your job, busy life at home or from an intense workout, everyone needs to loosen the knots and relax their muscles otherwise they risk feeling sluggish and expending extra energy.

Sore and cramped muscles also make daily activities painstakingly slow since our bodies require more energy and time to use tired and worn out muscles.

ProSource Sports Medicine Foam Roller

This reason is why regular massages at home using a foam roller are highly useful to help get rid of aching muscles. However, confusion about which foam roller to buy can lead to not getting desired results.

This reason is why the ProSource Sports Medicine Foam Roller is suitable for everyone due to its unique design. The surface of this foam roller has multiple textures and densities that can be suitable for everyone.

  • Length: Available in 13 and 24 inch
  • Diameter: 6 inches
  • Material: EVA Foam core
  • Foam Density: Medium
  • Texture: Bumps and Grooves with multiple density zones
  • Multiple colors available

Product Features

The features of the ProSource Sports Medicine Foam Roller are designed to provide unmatched benefits to consumers. The EVA foam interior of the foam roller makes it able to withstand a variety of body weights. The durability of the EVA foam contributes to its defined shape that won’t become deformed with use like the other foam rollers you’ve experienced.

The EVA core is the essence of the foam roller since it allows pressure to be reflected in the body tissues to relax them. This foam roller is unlike the rest due to the strength of the EVA foam that isn’t prone to breaking and bending like the other foam rollers you’ve used.

The tiny factor of this foam roller contributes to the fact that it is very long-lasting and won’t leave you anytime soon. Some notable features of this product:

  • Comes In Compact Size
  • Durable and retains shape
  • High withstanding capacity
  • Textured Surface for deep and even massage
  • Affordable
  • Improves flexibility
  • Strengthens muscles
  • Helps relax

Featured in a variety of lengths, you no longer have to worry about storing your foam roller at home because you can simply opt for a smaller version that provides the same benefits but takes lesser space. It also serves an option for users to keep a different foam roller for when they’re on the move to the gym or for a workout.

This compactness of smaller version serves as a great benefit for constantly traveling users who may need a massage when they’re away from home. The constant diameter no matter what length allows you the same comfort even if you have a smaller design.

Woman Exercising On Foam Roller

Perfect for athletes and physical trainers of all types, the ProSource Sports Medicine Foam Roller will help improve the flexibility of muscles to improve performance and efficient energy use.

Using this foam roller for pain treatment management following an injury or intense workout is highly beneficial since it improves the blood flow to oxygen-deprived tissues of the body. Athletes can help prevent tissue damage and injury by using this foam roller to strengthen the muscles because of a correlation between increased damage and softer tissues.

The medium density EVA foam used in the interior will allow the right amount of giving so that resistance can help release tension from the muscles. It’s neither too soft to break down or too hard to cause discomfort and unnecessary pain.

The surface and texture of the ProSource Sports Medicine Foam Roller make it a highly versatile piece of equipment that you can use for self-myofascial release. The surface features several ridges, bumps, and grooves which feature a change in density, so your muscles experience a soft yet firm massage.

The variety of different protrusions on the surface is so that no spot is left out and all muscles can be given equal pressure so that they become relaxed.

This foam roller can offer an amazing home-massage experience to help treat sore and tense muscles. You can even deal with pesky cramps more effectively using this foam roller to smooth them out. Using a foam roller for massaging muscles is proven to be highly effective because it also helps in reducing inflammation due to injury.

Another advantage is that it’ll also help you sleep better, so you don’t have to miss out on rest due to painful muscles. The models are also available in different colors to suit your preferences while the price is fairly affordable and suitable to everyone’s tastes.

What Others Say

Buyers of the ProSource Sports Medicine Foam Roller are surprised as to the price since it is fairly low compared to other textured foam rollers. They are impressed by its performance which is visible among the results they have achieved.

Many buyers claim that it is a much cheaper alternative to chiropractic and professional massage treatment since it cures them of sore muscles just the same. Users are happy with the compact design of the smaller design which allows them to carry it anywhere with them without having to compromise on the diameter of the core.

Buying Advice

Interested buyers must be aware of foam rolling and its different techniques before making a purchase. Beginners are highly advised to be careful since proper rolling is the only way to achieve better results.

ProSource Sports Medicine Foam Roller

Source: prosourcefit.com

If you’re interested in owning a ProSource Sports Medicine Foam Roller, then you can buy it from Amazon at an affordable price of around $29. You can also get the exclusive benefit of free shipping on a purchase from Amazon.

Final Verdict

This foam roller is sure to meet the needs of different body types due to its standard density core and multi-density texture. So no matter if you’re an athlete, a yogi or even a simple office worker you’re sure to avail all its benefits just the same. This highly recommended product will help in relaxing and treating tense muscles so don’t miss out and try it for yourself.


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Rolling With It High Density Foam Roller Review

Rolling With It High Density Foam Roller Review

Whether you have a full-time job, a family or both it's no excuse to let go of self-care. It doesn't just refer to grooming, but self-care also means looking after the parts of your body you strain the most: your muscles.

Massaging the muscles near your back, hips, and shoulders is essential since even a shift in the way they feel can affect your daily routine and even leisure activities. Massages may come to mind with an image of highly priced essential oils and a professional masseuse, but you can simply do it at home with the help of a foam roller that won’t be a drain on your wallet.

Rolling With It The Foam Roller

In fact, foam rollers are the perfect staple for yoga and Pilates classes to help improve your balance, flexibility, and form. Especially in yoga, using a foam roller can help you achieve a better curve in many positions.

Now no one has enough room at home to keep separate foam rollers for a pilates class and massage, so this creates a need for an all-rounder which can fulfill all your needs.

The Rolling With It Foam Roller is the perfect match for you whether you require a foam roller for pain management after an intensive workout or just something to help you de-stress and unwind. This high-density foam roller will be the best cure for any post workout aches you feel after a CrossFit, weightlifting or running session.

  • Material: EVA Foam
  • Shipping weight: 8.8 ounces
  • Can be Used For Yoga And Pilates
  • Chlorine-Free
  • High Density
  • Available In Variety Of Sizes

Product Features

These specific features of the Rolling With It Roller can bring exciting benefits to one’s life. This foam roller is highly useful to drive away any sore or aching muscles that can disrupt your daily activities. The fact that you can use it for a variety of exercises makes it a diverse piece of equipment that can cater to specific fitness needs.

Made of high-density EVA foam, Rolling With It foam rollers allow users to have a unique experience that can be incorporated into any lifestyle whether they are athletic or not. For all those seasoned athletes out there, they can help quicken the recovery process for the muscles after some heavy training. Some other notable features:

  • Long-Lasting
  • Durable: No Breaking Or Bending
  • Recyclable
  • Extremely Light-Weight
  • Good For Home massage
  • Affordable
  • Won’t Lose Shape

Foam rolling is extremely useful in improving oxygen diffusion between tissues to replenish them after an active workout. If you're a yoga enthusiast, then say hello to your new best friend because this foam roller will help improve your flexibility and enhance it for any poses that require a curve. 

Exercising On Rolling With It The Foam Roller

Your pilates class will become much more productive thanks to a Rolling With It foam roller because it’ll help improve your balance and strength for a better workout. If you think you don’t fall into a category to be able to use the Rolling With It high-density Foam Roller, then you're wrong because you can use it for massage therapies as well.

You can say goodbye to painful and tense muscles for good when you begin taking a few minutes for foam rolling daily. This foam roller will ease and relax sore muscles and improve blood circulation, so you end up feeling refreshed. 

The high density of the EVA foam makes it very durable and able to withstand excessive wear and tear from constant use and heavier users as well. No foam roller should break under weight so easily which is why the Rolling With It foam roller is the best way to stop those frequent store visits to buy a new foam roller.

This foam roller also has the astonishing benefit of weighing as little as 88 ounces despite its incredible strength.

The EVA foam that the roller comprises of provides enough resistance that is required to massage your muscles effectively with precision. Moreover, it is also not composed of any flame retardants or formaldehyde which makes this foam roller eco-friendly.

This EVA based foam roller also has the benefit of being recyclable so you don't have to worry about damage to the environment when you throw it away, and the affordable price saves you from shedding any tears.

What Others Say

If you still need some convincing then maybe satisfied customers will help you make a decision. Many buyers of Rolling With It Foam Roller are pleased with its performance and unmatched results. They claim that this simple foam roller has surpassed their expectations and reduced chronic back and shoulder aches within a small period. 

Various trainers and fitness studios recommend the Rolling With It Foam Roller as the most suitable foam roller for everyone’s needs whether it’s yoga, Pilates or just relaxation at home through a de-stressing massage.

Buying Advice

If you’ve been disappointed when it comes to experience with foam rollers then purchasing a Rolling With It Foam Roller will help you get a fresh start. Don’t worry about misshapen, cracked or bent foam rollers because this one will last throughout all your fitness endeavors without breaking the bank.

Rolling With It The Foam Roller

Source: facebook.com

Yes, this is one of the most affordable foam rollers that outperforms the others in its price range. If you're interested, then wait no longer and buy it from Amazon for prices as low as around $19, and you can even avail free shipping and discounts on other products with your purchase. 

Final Verdict

It is undeniable that this foam roller simply cannot be beaten. It’s durable, affordable and everything one looks when buying a foam roller. More than that, it's extremely versatile and can be used for all kinds of activities to improve your physical and athletic performance. The results will truly surpass any expectations you have, and the only way to know is to try it yourself. 


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RumbleRoller Textured Muscle Foam Roller Review

RumbleRoller Textured Muscle Foam Roller Review

Regular Massages are highly essential for the body due to their potential to improve blood circulation, promote better sleep and to give relaxation.

However, the high cost of massage therapy from a professional will be a drain on your wallet and would result in most people setting aside their well-being.

Exercising On RumbleRoller - Textured Muscle Foam Roller

Well, you don’t have to do that anymore, thanks to the RumbleRoller Textured Muscle Foam Roller which will fulfill all your massage needs.

Created with an innovative design, this novel piece of equipment will let you say bye-bye to sore muscles with the help of its bump-covered surface to apply the right pressure where needed. 

  • Core made of solid EVA
  • Length: Available in 12, 22 and 31 inches
  • Diameter: Available in 5 and 6 inches
  • Bump Textured Surface
  • Density and Firmness: Available in Standard and High-Density
  • Waterproof
  • Non-absorbent
  • Latex-free
  • Antimicrobial

Product Features

The RumbleRoller Textured Muscle Foam Roller is sure to surprise all its users with its performance and ability to give a deep-tissue massage. The core of this foam roller comprises of high-density EVA which ensures that it is unlike the flimsy ones that deform or breakdown after some use.

Not to mention it also means that it has a high withstanding capacity that can be useful for larger athletes and users. This solid EVA core is sure to provide enough resistance that will help massage your muscles. The high-density EVA foam also has the added benefit of being extremely durable, so you don't have to worry about wear and tear through excessive use. 

The fact that it comes in so many lengths makes it the most inclusive range of foam rollers ever. Available in 31, 22 and 12 inches, RumbleRollerlooks out for all their customers’ needs whether they need to keep a smaller one for portability or just to use different sizes for specific parts of the body.

The compactness of the 12-inch foam roller makes it very easy to carry to the gym or track. Moreover, the smaller diameter of the 12-inch foam roller makes it highly capable of using in places that are harder to reach like in between shoulder blades.

The RumbleRoller Foam Rollers are also available in a high-density version, which seasoned athletes can use with dense tissues that are hard to press. Also, if you require different density pressure on different parts of glutes, then the high-density foam roller is for you.

The design of the RumbleRoller Textured Muscle Foam Rollers is an innovative development in self-myofascial release treatment. The firm yet flexible bumps along the foam roller's surface provide a massage treatment that resembles the one given by a therapist.

Using RumbleRoller - Textured Muscle Foam Roller

The bumps are specifically designed to feel similar to actual fingers working and massaging sore muscles. These bumps are firmer than tissues can provide enough pressure to release any tension in tight muscles whereas they are flexible to be much softer than bones, so they bend when under the spine or areas where bones protrude closer to the surface.

Because their spacing is at a perfectly calculated distance, it makes the bumps able to give pressure on more than one point at a time.

While serving as the most versatile foam roller out there, the RumbleRoller Textured Muscle Foam Rollers are also waterproof and non-absorbent. Compared to conventional foam rollers, these won’t absorb any sweat or moisture that would lead to unpleasant odors. Furthermore, RumbleRoller looks out for any sensitivity by making their rollers latex and lead-free.

You can even clean your RumbleRoller Foam Roller easily by using some mild soap and moist cloth or a disinfectant wipe. What’s more is that these foam rollers are made of high-quality antimicrobial materials to prevent the growth of bacteria on them so you can keep rolling without worry.



Bumps give deep tissue massage

More expensive than regular foam rollers

Durable: No Breaking Or Bending

Available in many sizes for portability

Good For Home massage

Won’t absorb any sweat or moisture


Easy to clean

What Others Say 

Many buyers are impressed with the results they have achieved with the help of the RumbleRoller Textured Foam Roller. Users are quick to comment on the fact that it gives the same massage experience as a therapist except it costs a lot less. Because of the many sizes, they are appreciative of the fact that it allows them to get a deep tissue massage anywhere. 

Moreover, many buyers are quick to comment on the fact that it can withstand their body weight and pressure. Satisfied customers have claimed that it is their go-to tool whether for a little sprain or a through body massage. 

Buying Advice

Although many interested buyers would feel the prices a bit too high compared to conventional rollers the RumbleRoller Foam Rollers do not disappoint because they provide superb results without the eventual deterioration that most people would expect. This feature makes it the smartest investment one can make for their health and fitness.

Furthermore, many people would often make a mistake if buying the high-density foam roller without doing enough research or not having knowledge of their body tissue. The same applies to foam rolling beginners who would buy the high-density roller in a frenzy then find that it cause discomfort to those who aren't used to it.

You can purchase the RumbleRoller Textured Muscle Foam Roller from Amazon at the price of around $70 and avail the benefit of free shipping.

Final Verdict

In light of all considerations, we can't deny that the RumbleRoller Textured Foam Roller isn't the best tool for a home massage. Despite the high price, the investment is one for well-being and it worth it. It is highly recommended by many users and athletic trainers for the perfect stress-relief therapy to help you relax.


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All You Should Know About Foam Rolling

All You Should Know About Foam Rolling

Foam rollers serve as a low-cost but extremely versatile equipment to help working out muscle knots or to develop a fantastic set of abs. In simple words, if you are not using a foam roller, you may be missing out a handful of benefits that come with the use of this incredible accessory.

For those of you who don’t know, self-myofascial release refers to a self-massaging technique for muscle tightness. A foam roller is suitable for performing this method. Although users can perform the technique with other items such as a theracane, a lacrosse ball or even with their hands, nothing works as efficiently as a foam roller.

When you apply pressure to a specific point on the body, you can successfully aid in recovering your muscles and assist them to resume their normal function. When we say normal, we mean that muscles remain elastic, fit and ready to perform without any complications.

When you self-massage your tight muscles with the help of a foam roller, sore areas which people also refer to as trigger points are greatly alleviated. The entire process of relieving tension and rolling out tight muscles is myofascial release.

Fitness experts, trainers, and healthcare professionals emphasize on using foam rollers as a natural way to relieve many of today's muscular complications. Running causes the muscles to undergo a continuous process that involves breakdown and repair.

Over time, it causes the muscles to become tight as the fascia which is the connective tissue that surrounds the muscles thickens and shortens. This process happens to shorten and thicken the underlying muscles from further damage.

Frequently, the fascia and fibers contract so much that they lead to trigger points or sore spots that need to be released. Fascia also can respond to stress by itself. However, the good news is that trigger points, and fascia can be released. As soon as they are released, the pain and discomfort go away.

One of the many methods to stretch and loosen the fascia is the myofascial therapy. It reduces pain and increases circulation to improve mobility. Hence, you can accomplish greater performance and balance with this therapy.

Thanks to the many benefits foam rollers offer, we recommend them to athletes for massaging sore muscles. With the help of deep tissue massage, you can easily work out the knots in your muscles although the process is a little uncomfortable or painful at times.

The self-myofascial release makes sure you are capable controlling the healing and recovery process by applying appropriate pressure in the desired locations. Since you are aware of the areas that require your most attention; you can identify the spots that need pressure to heal.  

However, it is important that you consult with a physical therapist or your physician before initiating a rolling foam workout. Once he approves the use of this device in your particular case, you can start reaping the numerous benefits of foam rollers.

Releasing trigger points aids in establishing pain-free movements as you are free to perform a wide range of movement patterns. Sometimes, stretching alone is not adequate for relieving tight muscles. Exercise enthusiasts and athletes prefer using foam rollers to resume the normal blood flow throughout the body.  

It is true that professional trainers, athletes, and fitness freaks have long trusted in the superpowers of foam rollers. But experts and scientists continue to make impressive discoveries regarding the benefits of using foam rollers.

History Of Foam Rolling

Feldenkrais method practitioners initially utilized these handy tools during the 1980s. Invented by Moshé Feldenkrais towards the end of the twentieth century, the Feldenkrais method is rooted in finding ways to reduce mobility and pain issues.

The method encourages a patient to become more aware of the signs and symptoms that his body signals out to devise a customized healing and recovery plan.

However, this originated as early as the 1920s when Moshe Feldenkrais showed great interest in exploring ways to reduce his knee pain and improve his athletic performance. Being a martial artist and a physicist, he paid close attention to how his body moved and performed.

A few skeptics have doubted the benefits of this method, but there are thousands of success stories that highlight the significance of foam rolling and how it cures muscles ailments. 

Child Foam Roller Therapy

Feldenkrais practitioners employed foam rollers as body supports to perform standing balance work with their patients. However, in 1987, Sean Gallagher who was a Feldenkrais student, as well as a physical therapist, initiated using foam rollers to function as a self-massage device.

Soon, Gallagher contacted Jerome Robbins, who was a famous Broadway celebrity and emphasized on the incredible benefits of foam rolling for painful muscles

Robbins, who was managing a troupe of dancers at the time, encouraged his cast to test foam rollers for any positive results. He received a tremendous feedback from his dancers who gave an overwhelming response to the use of foam rollers.

This process led to the introduction of foam rollers for Broadway dancers. The historical account of foam rollers reveals that they are not a relatively new device. They have been long in use as an important physical therapy tool to balance and alleviate tired muscles.

Athletes and physical trainers have experimented with foam rollers to benefit from miraculous benefits of the foam rollers. One of the most common materials used for manufacturing foam rollers is molded foam and polystyrene which is more durable as it is dense.  However, polystyrene can be a little hard on stiff or severally damaged areas.

Types Of Foam Rollers

Since foam rollers have now become a popular exercise device which you use in hundreds of workout programs, they come in varying textures. These items are available in all shapes, sizes, and specifications. All items are cylindrical and long.

It is a common misconception that foam rollers are extremely uncomfortable to use. Sadly, many consumers end up choosing the wrong kind of foam roller. Although you are like to feel a little discomfort when exercising with a foam roller, it is important to know how and why you are using a foam roller to purchase the most appropriate kind for your customized workouts.

Low-Density Foam Rollers

If you are looking for a light foam roller to experience more softness, then choosing a low-density foam roller is the best decision to make. It is helpful to use a low-density device when you have had a rigorous workout earlier in the week or in case your muscles are very stiff and store.

All foam rollers are engineered to work out the knots in our muscles. These are also called myofascial adhesions or trigger points. If you are new to the world of foam rollers, choose a softer density roller, and you can upgrade to a firmer model over time. 

Firm Foam Rollers

Black Foam Roller

One of the densest models of foam rollers, these items can be the hardest to sit on. This feature is recommended to users if they are looking for a concentrated or a more intense myofascial release.

Athletes utilize firm foam rollers to train and benefit from a rigorous working out session. These are not for everyone, and you should avoid opting for a firm model if you are an amateur.

Short Foam Rollers

The short foam rollers are available in both soft and firm densities. These items are roughly half the length of the average form roller because when you are focusing on a particular area, using a regular size foam roller can do more harm than good if you are not a pro at using it.

Since short rollers are more convenient to maneuver, you can move them easily without hurting your muscles. They are also handy traveling accessories thanks to their compact size.

Bumpy Foam Rollers

These rollers have some texture embedded in their foam. This texture may be anything like wave-like ridges or bumpy knobs that are produced to dig in deeply to relieve the trigger points in the muscles.

Medium-Density Foam Rollers

If you are confused and don’t know which foam roller to use for your workout, it is also helpful to choose a medium density foam roller. This way you will whether you need to choose a soft or firm one according to your stretching or workout exercises.

How To Use Foam Rollers

Using Foam Roller For Lower Back Pain

Foam rollers are now popularly used in a wide range of exercise programs. A few common ways to incorporate foam rollers into you a gym workout is through yoga routines and pilates. The foam roller is used to create an instability that challenges the core to promote balance and strength. Moreover, they are also an important component in bending and stretching workouts.

Foam rollers are used to relieve many areas of the body, but these are the most common ones:

  • Plantar fascia (sole of foot)
  • Erector Spinae (back muscles)
  • Quadriceps (front of thigh)
  • ITB (outside thigh)
  • Peroneals (outer lower leg)
  • Hamstrings
  • Achilles/Calves
  • Abductors (inside thigh)
  • Gluteals
  • Shins

It is interesting to know that foam rolling works much like brushing your teeth. You should not overdo it, or you will end up harming your muscles instead of maintaining them.

There are many instances where excessive foam rolling has resulted in stressing the tissues, particularly if you do it aggressively. Although any time is a good time to roll, it produces the best results when you do it before your regular workout.

A foam roll routine takes 10 minutes to complete. Experts recommend spending around a minute of rolling each of your major muscles to identify painful adhesions or areas.

Once you identify a significantly painful area, you should stay on it for around 15 seconds. A 10-15 second period efficiently releases tension in your muscles that may have caused discomfort and pain.

Users commonly utilize foam rollers to relieve their hamstrings, calves, glutes, chest, lats, IT band, upper band, and shoulders. But foam rollers are helpful in relieving pain in any muscle groups as long as you don't roll over a bone or a joint. Doing so may result in a tissue damage or excruciating pain.

For instance, when you are working out on your quads, roll just above your knee and just below your hip. If you commit the mistake of rolling back and forth quickly, you are doing little not alleviate the tension in your muscles. The proper technique of utilizing foam rollers involves moving up and down the length of the muscles slowly.

This feature helps to focus on the thickest part of the muscle and to identify painful and troubled areas to cure them. Moreover, it is important that you roll an inch backward forever 2 inches that you roll.

Make sure you inhale and exhale for at least 3-5 seconds during the workout. Although foam rolling is uncomfortable at first, it becomes fairly easy with frequency and time. Many exercises incorporate the use of foam rollers. These tools are used to relieve several parts of the body including:


Keep the roller under the thighs and bend the elbows. Your forearms should be flat to support the body weight. Suspend your feet above the ground. Keep the abs drawn in and tighten the core muscles. Using your arms, gently roll the body forward and then back to shift the roller up and down from the pelvic joint to above the knees.


Keep the roller beneath your calves and rest the hands on the ground behind you to lift your butt off the surface. The entire weight of your body should be in the hands and the foam roller. Gently roll forward and back and shift the roller up and down from below your knees to above the ankles.

Calves Therapy With Foam Roller


Keep both legs straight as you sit on the floor. Now, extend the arms to raise the glutes and keep the broad side of a roller beneath your butt. By bending one leg, move the body, so one check has to bear the impact of your body weight. Shift the glute backward and forward across the roller and shift the burden to the other side to repeat. 

How To Make The Most Out Of Your Foam Rolling Workouts?

It is common for most people to simply roll up and down on a knot which does not accomplish too many benefits. Fascia is a densely woven covering of connective tissues with a continuous network that functions to keep our body together.

It is important that you pause to roll up and down or side to side whenever you feel any restrictions. This feature greatly aids to release tissue restriction and alleviate the muscles. The technique also restores the blood flow and re-aligns the muscles and tissues that you are working.

Taking Care Of Foam Rollers

There are a few important things to consider when using foam rollers. It is common to come across a few imperfections such as dimensional differences tolerances and surface bubbles. However, these factors have no major effect on the performance of the products.

Normal use may trigger pressure points or indentions. Make sure you don't store any objects on top of the foam items. Store them flat and in a place where they are not under direct sunlight. A temperature of 75 to 125 degrees Fahrenheit is appropriate for maintaining a foam roller.

Do not soak or submerge a foam roller. Use a mixture of mild soap and water for cleaning the foam roller. Avoid using bleach solutions or harsh chemicals, and they can distort and discolor a foam roller.

Benefits Of Foam Rolling

Man Stretching On Foam Roller

Foam rolling brings a multitude of benefits to users. They improve better circulation and allow them to benefit from a greater range of motion. There are different types of foam rollers available in the market, but each one offers a different kind of intensity and firmness to serve consumers.

Although results may vary, foam rollers are fantastic ways to devise a customized workout plan in which you can set your own pace and intensity.

In addition to using the foam roller as a therapeutic device, people also use it for several different exercises. Being particularly helpful in stabilizing movements and postures, it is also an incredible tool for strengthening the core. As we age, we experience more physical health challenges including stiffness around the joints and pain around weight-bearing joints.

It is important to seek a cure for treating these issues. Over-the-counter medications and physical therapy are one of the best ways to relieve muscle tension and stiffness.

Foam rollers also serve as an alternative to other popular methods such as electrical stimulation and acupuncture. It continues to serve as an effective way to work out sore muscles and improve circulation for relieving troubled areas.

Since exercise is one of the best natural ways to maintain and reclaim health, foam rollers are engineered to help fitness enthusiasts accomplish their goals naturally. There are many techniques which are designed to facilitate an improved blood flow throughout the body. However, few of these work as successfully as foam rolling.

This process works well for preparing your body for an intense workout and also promotes an enhanced healing process. One of the best things about this process is that you can set your pressure and customize your workout to get optimal results.

Moreover, the pressure you feel during a rolling foam workout also depends on the type of foam you are using. It is important that you choose the best foam roller and do not invest in cheap products that can cause you an injury.

Foam rollers comprise of soft material such as EVA and polyethylene. However, there are also polystyrene variants used in its manufacturing to serve all kinds of needs. All these types are available in different densities which affect the durability and firmness of the foam roller.


If you want to use foam rollers regularly, it is important that you choose the one that fits the bill for heavy use. Common models which are less dense varieties of polystyrene and polyethylene wear out in no time.

The colored and black models are denser and more durable. If you are a beginner, you should start out your rolling foam workouts with a less dense model. Softer foams result in moderate or less pain.

It helps to check reviews and ratings of a product before investing your hard earned money into it. Since most models do not deliver the firmness you are looking for, make sure you choose the right one that suits your needs. You can also inquire your physical therapy provider or your trainer to suggest the right kind of foam roller to suit your needs.

Trying out a foam roller helps you to avoid buying the wrong model. Make sure you test its firmness and density in a sports club or a gym before ordering it online or purchasing it from a fitness store.

Beginners may find the foam rolling experience painful and challenging. However, as the muscles in your body begin to reclaim their elasticity and strength, you can upgrade to a firmer foam roller.

It is ok to feel a painful pressure on your muscle- knots which also depends on the firmness of your roller. However, the more you foam roll, the less painful it becomes over the months or years.

Doing a workout with a foam roller is an affordable way to benefit from a deep tissue massage. Most foam rolling devices are available at fairly low price tags. When you slowly roller over several different areas of the body, you break up adhesions to speed up your healing process.

Never purchase a foam roller if it comes from an unknown manufacturer. Moreover, it also helps to check its specs to and compare its firmness with other models to know whether it will suit your needs. You can also check out our buyer's guide to assist you with your purchase.

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Your Guide To Purchasing The Best Foam Roller

Your Guide To Purchasing The Best Foam Roller

If you happen to be one of those individuals who are tired of slow post-workout recovery methods and lingering muscular pains; it is time to invest in a foam roller. From soft to ultra-firm models, the market features all kinds of foam rollers which come in all shapes and sizes. We can help you find the best foam roller on the market.

However, it is important that you choose a model that best suits your needs. There are many foam rollers which are specifically manufactured to target myofascial release. Not only they relieve sore and tight muscles, but they are also designed to help exercise enthusiasts self-massage their muscles to get quick relief. 

Some foam rollers have a high density for better results. However, if you are new to foam rollers, you may need some time before you could upgrade to a denser model. If you are looking to replace your old foam roller or want to purchase your first one; we have formulated a handy buying guide to help you make a wise decision.

We tested many models before concluding the winner and the runner-up products. There are also some alternatives mentioned in this buying guide in case you want to try out some other models.

The Best Foam Roller We Reviewed

If you are looking for some of the best foam rollers currently available, here are a few of our favorite picks:

Winner: OPTP PRO-Roller Standard Density Foam Roller

OPTP PRO Rollers

The OPTP Pro-Roller is among the most popular and highly productive foam rollers that are currently available in the market. It is manufactured to serve as an influential therapeutic tool and is common in thousands of sports clinics and physical therapy centers. Here are a few features of the OPTP Pro-Roller model:

  • Features closed-cell and heat molded EVA foam
  • Standard level density for an efficient yet comfortable massage to relieve trigger points and sore muscles
  • A perfect accessory for stability exercises including Pilates
  • Measures 36" L x 6" diameter

It is also popularly used in many reputed yoga and pilates studios to work out several different parts of the body. The OPTP foam roller is engineered to beat its rivals with its inventive EVA foam technology. It is highly durable and built to outclass other conventional models with its durability and dynamics. 

Thousands of athletes and fitness enthusiasts consume the model to relieve knots and massage troubled areas. It is an ideal model to apply pressure to long muscle groups such as quadriceps, abductors and the calves.

Since it features a standard density, people use it in several Pilate workouts. You can apply pressure to any part of your body to soothe your muscles and take care of pressure points.

The foam roller is ultra-lightweight and easy to carry. This feature means it is a super-comfortable accessory to take it to the gym or anywhere you want a quick massage. Thanks to its durability, it is designed to sustain heavy-duty use whether you use it in a yoga studio or a gym.

The Pro-Roller is perfect for balance exercises and a beneficial component in many stretching routines. If you are a yoga enthusiast or a fitness buff, investing in the OPTP Pro-Roller is one of the best decisions you can make to speed up your healing and recovery process after an intense workout session or a long run.

The model is easy to clean and maintain. Simply use a cleaning wipe and use a little laundry detergent to wipe it clean. You can purchase it from Amazon for around $50. The product has received hundreds of positive reviews from satisfied customers on Amazon.com.

Runner-Up: RumbleRoller

RumbleRoller - Textured Muscle Foam Roller

The RumbleRoller features a unique design to erode trigger points and restore flexibility. The model is ideal for all exercise enthusiasts who need instant relief to several kinds of muscular pain.

Thanks to the asymmetrical design of this foam roller, the bumps aggressively take care of all your pain and discomfort. The RumbleRoller foam roller is our runner-up since it deeply digs into muscle fascia for soothing the most troubled areas of your body.

The model utilizes a stronger core manufactured from a professional-level and high-density EVA foam. Its outer shell and core are meticulously manufactured to guarantee optimal comfort with impressive durability.

It is not uncommon to come across many models that come with an affordable price but do little good since they make use of hollow cores. This feature results in a reduced performance and short-term durability. 

However, RumbleRoller is known for building the finest products when it comes to serving its large customer base. This product is also a testimony to the commitment of the brand to produce high-end products.

The brand is a product of a fruitful association between an American manufacturing company and a seasoned athlete who also holds a solid history of manufacturing a string of successful fitness products.

This model ranks as a runner-up on our buying guide since it features a unique texture and design to manipulate soft tissue in the same manner as a massage therapist would do.

By using the foam roller, you get immediate relief with no painful experiences. The foam roller is ideal for soft tissue massage therapy and is highly popular among fitness fanatics, runners, athletes and exercise buffs.

With this foam roller, users conveniently work through the fascia and indulge in a self-myofascial release to get quick relief. Thanks to its incredible benefits it is widely popular as one of the best foam rollers for runners and athletes.

The foam roller has flexible bumps that dig deep into both the muscle and the connective tissue to relieve sore and stiff muscles. This model is available on Amazon.com for almost $70 and enjoys favorable reviews and ratings from hundreds of customers on Amazon.com

Alternative: ProSource Sports Medicine Foam Roller

ProSource Sports Medicine Foam Roller

The Sports Medicine Foam Roller is another incredible model that is popular among buyers thanks to its aid recovery capabilities. Since it is highly effective in reducing soreness and relieving trigger points, it is a top-class foam roller which features a tough EVA foam-filled center. Here are a few features of the ProSource foam roller:

  • Inventive Design - This model features an EVA foam filled interior to offer ultimate durability. The foam roller doesn’t break under heavy pressure or due to long-term use
  • Guarantees Quick Relief - The self-myofascial release manages knots to encourage a better blood flow for immediate recovery
  • Versatility - It is a highly versatile product that reduces pain in the legs, calves, glutes, thighs, pecs, feet and back
  • Affordability - There are not too many models that feature multiple density zones to massage and stretch muscles to release tension, for this price

Its solid interior does no crack or breaks under the weight. This feature makes it an unbeatable product that outclasses its rivals with its dependable and long-term features.

Athletes use it as a pre-workout tool to prepare their muscles for safely moving in their full range of motion. The tool also helps to make the body less vulnerable to injury during an intense workout session. The ProSource Sports Medicine Foam Roller releases the lactic acid buildup as well as takes care of muscle stiffness.

Moreover, the foam roller miraculously works to increase flexibility. Thanks to a web of medium-firm grooves and bumps, there are multiple density areas to stretch massage tissues.

Foam rollers are used on several body parts to enhance flexibility and reduce pain. It beneficially supports the quads, hamstrings, IT band, abductors, shins, and calves. It is also ideal for working out the hip flexors, upper back and glutes.

This highly recommended model is ideal for people who are looking for an affordable self-myofascial release to relieve excruciating pain due to knots. Moreover, the product also greatly helps to improve range of motion by targeting specific groups of muscles.

Its highly functional design is one of the reasons why it has become a recent favorite among athletes, runners and fitness enthusiasts. This model has received notable positive reviews on Amazon.com from thousands of customers who are happy with this foam roller.

It is an ideal product for both intermediate and experienced users. The model is available for just around $29 with free shipping.

2nd Alternative: Rolling With It Foam Roller

Rolling With It The Foam Roller

This highly popular foam roller features a professional-grade EVA for added durability. Thanks to its high quality built and sturdy finish, it is listed as among the top-selling foam rollers which are currently available in the market. Here are a few features of the Rolling With It Foam Roller:

  • Ideal for both professional and beginners
  • Perfect density to suit all kinds and levels of users
  • Highly recommended by physical therapists, personal trainers, and chiropractors
  • Top quality and high-density EVA foam
  • Durable
  • Backed by an impressive guarantee

The foam roller is so tough that it is known to maintain its original shape even after long-term or heavy-duty use. This foam roller is suitable for self-massage and serves as a highly effective tool for myofascial release. Manufactured with 100% recyclable EVA, it features a firm core and soft exterior to deliver plenty of variations for users about different levels. 

The 'Rolling With It' Foam Roller is best recommended for increasing mobility and reducing muscle stiffness. It is also gentle enough to use for the back safely.

Using this foam roller for just a few minutes every day can guarantee a multitude of benefits. This model keeps the fascia tissues healthy and offers immediate results for quicker post-workout recovery.

This professional-grade foam roller is one of the best foam rollers for back pain and designed to serve both beginners and advanced users. It is engineered to alleviate all areas of the body. Be it stretching your IT band or reliving the pain of shin splints; this model is widely used by thousands of athletes to promote flexible muscles.

You can use the roller to incorporate it into several workout programs including yoga and pilates. With an increased range of motion, you get dozens of benefits from this product such as relaxed and tension-free muscles and a faster post-recovery period.

The model is popular among hundreds of customers who purchased it from Amazon.com. The model prices range from almost $19-$40.

How To Choose Your Foam Roller Carefully?

Soft Density Foam Roller

There are many factors to consider before you shop for the right foam roller to suit your needs.


All models of foam rollers are available in different sizes and shapes. However, one of the most important attributes of a foam roller that decide the performance it delivers is its density. This element is important in deciding how beneficial the foam roller is to deliver a deep-tissue massage. Here are the different densities that foam rollers possess:


A soft foam roller is ideal for beginners since it is the gentlest of all foam rollers. If you are just getting started then this is the perfect foam roller you can buy.


A firm foam roller is ideal for professional runners or athletes who seek a solid foam roller for their super-tough muscles. It is more effective and successfully treats tight muscles, and releases trigger points.

Using a firm foam roller also aligns muscle tissue and prevents any muscle strain. These models are great ways to reduce inflammation and relieve tired muscles after a rigorous workout.

An excessively firm foam roller can cause bruising, especially if you are an amateur, whereas a model that is very soft fails to provide the pressure required for releasing pressure. 

Hence, when you are buying your first foam roller, it is recommended that you choose a model that is softer than others. This feature helps you to improve your technique and gain experience to develop your foam rolling technique.

Although denser products tend to be more popular for durability, softer rollers are beneficial for amateurs. Cheap or soft models lose their shape when used for a prolonged period. 

One of the best ways to evaluate the density of a foam roller is to observe its color. Frequently, white refers to a soft foam roller while black foam rollers are the hardest. Red and blue rollers are of medium density. However, different brands may assign their unique colors to represent the density. You can do a quick test by squeezing a roller to judge its relative firmness.

Surface Texture

A few rollers comprise of knobs and ridges to apply various pressure intensities for targeting multiple muscle groups, while other models may feature a smooth surface texture. A smooth product is a recommended choice for amateurs who are new to foam rollers. Moreover, smooth products are more affordable than textured items.

It is also interesting to know that textured rollers mimic the fingers of a professional massager to target troubled areas of your muscles. Other rollers feature various textures so consumers can choose the most appropriate model to suit your needs.

Shapes And Sizes

Another factor to consider when purchasing a foam roller is its dimensions. It is true that these tools are available in all shapes and sizes. Long models can be anywhere up to 36 inches. If it is your first time purchasing a foam roller, a long model is one of the most recommended choices.

These are particularly beneficial for working out your back since they adequately cover the entire back area when they are positioned perpendicular to the spine. Moreover, they are stable than other conventional rollers that are relatively shorter.

Shorter lengths which may be anywhere up to 24 inches are great for targeting small regions such as calves and arms. Short foam rollers which are 12 inches or more are incredibly portable and great for a workout in limited space area.

The diameter of the foam roller is another factor that you must look into before purchasing a foam roller. There are also models that are available from 3 to 6 inches in diameter for massaging a particular muscle group.

Half round models are used for foot and leg stretches. They are also popularly utilized for reducing the signs of plantar fasciitis. Some models are also available in the form of roller sticks covered in foam. They work in the same manner as a rolling pin, and you can use them on legs for more accurate pressure regulation to target muscles.

Another popular form of foam rollers is foam balls. They apply pressurized control to curved body parts such as the lumbar area. In addition to these factors, you should also consider the density of a foam roller. 


This style is suitable for you if you are an experienced and seasoned professional who has plenty of experience with sensations that feel good to hurt. However, make sure you don't go overboard and choose a model that offers the bearable intensity of pain. There are a few designs that are available with a literal grid pattern design to serve users.

Deep Tissue

Another advanced level than a grid design is the deep tissue foam roller. This model is extra firm, and only a tough and healthy athlete should use this device. The bumps built in its design stimulate deep layers of muscle. This model increases the flexibility in the soft tissue to offer long-term pain relief.


Another ultimate model in the foam roller industry, a vibrating foam roller benefits from a deep-tissue foam roller and upgrades it with a vibration technology. It aims to reduce the pain intensity and relaxes stiff muscles. The version is costlier than other conventional rollers; however, the price tag is worth it since it provides significant relief.


Foam rolling increases flexibility and releases trigger points. It is a great tool to relieve tired and stiff muscles. Foam rollers are incorporated into many workouts and exercise programs and used in thousands of yoga studios and gyms. They also help to maintain range of motion and alleviate athletes for maintaining good muscle health and super-fit bodies.

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Brazyn Morph Bravo Foam Roller

Brazyn Morph Bravo Foam Roller

Today, it’s really important to take care of one’s body and mind’s health. In this respect, foam rollers have traditionally been helpful in keeping both of them healthy. These products can help you recover from an injury, help you with balance, enhance your exercising routine, and improve your health state in general. You don’t have to be an elite runner or footballer to start enjoying the benefits of foam rollers. 

Brazyn Morph Bravo Foam Roller


If you are interested in buying this almost magical product, you may have noticed that there are hundreds of models out there. Most of them have different colors, shapes, materials, and pricing. How to choose is quite a difficult process. However, there is one model in particular that appeared in the market as a very innovative idea: Brazyn’s collapsible roller.

Morph Bravo is not only very creative, but also light, simple to transport, and provides a high value for money. Even if the process of collapsing it might seem difficult at the beginning, it is not at all. Also, the Brazyn foam roller can certainly be of help when achieving an overall healthy state and tackle muscle recovery in no time. Let’s take a look at some of the most essential features that make the Brazyn foam roller unique.

Very convenient to transport

Brazyn Morph Bravo Foam Roller

It’s true that most people like to do exercise comfortably at home. But it is also true that some users would like to transport the roller wherever they want. Some of those options include the gym, the house of some other person, or even a plane when traveling.

This foam roller fits in every bag (even a very small one). This means that you’ll be able to manage your back pain and even recover from an injury faster, feeling better in a very short time.

Brazyn Foam Roller is portable, right, but that does not mean it is feeble. Even though it is very lightweight and slender (it is only 2 inches thick and weighs 1.5 lbs), it is very resistant. The roller can support persons of up to 350 lbs. Use it without worrying about it breaking down.

Quality Materials

The pricing of this device is not exactly cheap (even though it is around $70). You may find in Amazon many other rollers for a much affordable price. However, this is not an ordinary product.

First, it is made in Europe, with top-notch materials that ensure its durability. Also, it is crafted with more than 50 pieces that are quite complicated to build up and even more complicated to assemble. These materials are eco-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about contributing to pollution: the foam is recyclable, for example.

Easy to use 

Brazyn Morph Bravo Foam Roller

You don’t have to be a professional to use foam rollers, as they are quite simple to use. There are a number of exercises to perform using these products. They promise pain-relief and better health for anyone who decides to include rollers into their exercising routine. You just have to be careful and choose the right one for you. For example, it’s not a great idea to start with a hard roller because it will make your back hurt.

Brazyn Morph Bravo Foam Roller has a unique design: it is one of the few foam rollers that collapses into a mat. It is top-notch technology but still is quite easy to use! The only thing you have to do is pull and push.

The roller includes ropes that are simple to pull, and after that, you will have a 5.5¨ diameter device to use. It will cover your entire back, even if it’s quite big. After you are done, it is again very simple to pull it back. Push on the disks included at the end of the Morph Bravo and it will collapse down. As it is very compact and light, you can bring your roller everywhere. It can be included within any bag or suitcase.

Smooth feels

Rolling does not have to be an uncomfortable process anymore. With traditional ones, you may feel its rough texture, and even how hard they are. That won’t happen with Brazyn Foam Roller. It has a new design is very smooth and comfortable. This feature makes it a perfect choice for beginners since the density is not that high and would never injure a user.

However, it is also a nice alternative for expert people, since it is very firm and collapsible. The shape will make the knots disappear, as it applies pressure on those areas, even treating deep tissue. Apart from relieving pain, it has nice effects on balance and flexibility. Finally, it can activate anyone’s metabolism. Rolling out will take the waste out of your muscles, increasing blood flow and water flux into them.

Suitable for every user

If you are an athlete, you might have been advised to use one of these rollers. They are great for myofascial release after training, and also to develop one’s strength. It’s also a crucial part of any recovery program, as it improves the quality of muscles’ soft tissue and prevents hypertrophy.

However, you don’t have to be a professional to enjoy the benefits of Brazyn Foam Roller. Any person who wants to look and feel better can start rolling for an affordable price, without worrying about handling complicated devices.


  • It has been built with excellent materials. These are not only eco-friendly but also very durable and easy to clean. Spend your money knowing that your roller will last for years.
  • Portable and light. In the past, foam rollers were very heavy and bulky. Nobody would ever think about carrying them outside our home or the gym. Now, it’s very easy to transport them to any location you want.
  • Unique design. A quick press on each end of the cylinder sends the roller back into its flat state. There, you’ll be able to stretch your muscles and relax.
  • It’s not too soft or too hard. This roller has the perfect density to allow the massage to truly reach tissue and relieve pain. It’s not too soft (in which case, it would not be so effective) or too hard (in which case, it could injure an inexperienced user).
  • Helps you keep healthy while increasing balance, flexibility and overall strength not only in your abs but in the body as a whole.


  • The pricing can be quite elevated, especially when compared to the competition. It might be a leap of faith to take for those how are just starting with rollers and don’t know exactly what to choose.

The final word

Overall, this collapsible roller is unique in its kind. It is not only very convenient to transport but also very easy to use and clean. In addition, you’ll be protecting the planet if you decide to buy this product: it is built with top-notch, recyclable materials, such as bamboo, to ensure that it won’t contaminate the earth further.

Any person can find this foam roller very beneficial. You don’t have to wait until your back is hurt to start using Morph Bravo. Of course, It will relieve back pain and strengthen muscles for sportsmen and health professionals, but also for ordinary men and women who want to tone up their bodies and improve their overall health state.


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Foam Rollers to Relieve Back Pain

Top 6 Affordable Foam Rollers to Relieve Back Pain

Back pain seems to be widespread today. Sometimes, it’s very difficult to even know the cause. If you are looking for a solution to those hideous and painful knots, take into account that using a foam roller for back pain can be an excellent idea. The thing is that they come in countless colors, sizes, and shapes. Of course, pricing is also a factor to consider when trying to acquire the most suitable model. So, which is the right one for you? Below, you can find some of our favorite options.

Foam Rollers to Relieve Back Pain

Best Foam Roller Under $10


Winner: AmazonBasics High-Density Round Foam Roller 

AmazonBasics High-Density Round Foam Roller


The AmazonBasics high-density foam roller is best suited for intermediate and advanced users. It is made up of EPP, which aims at giving users a deeper massage than other models in the same category. There is a number of options to improve your overall healthwith this product. You can carry out:

  • Exercises to improve your balance in general.
  • Strengthen your muscles.
  • Be more flexible.
  • Rehab from an injury.

It’s made up of top-notch foam, so you’ll find it very easy to clean it and to transport it wherever you need.  This model is great to improve your blood flow and circulation to your soft tissues. You’ll be able to reduce pain and discomfort for a very convenient price.

LuxFit Foam Roller


Luxfit foam roller focuses on physical therapy. It’s been specially designed for practicing yoga and other body awareness activities. You can either decide to use it before or after working out. The best part? It has 2lbs. per cubic foot density, which means that you can use it as much as you want without worrying that it will lose its shape.

This versatile product comes in 4 sizes, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs. In case you are worried about not knowing how to use it, don’t: it comes with a free online instructional video with a lot of tips to make the most out of this foam roller.

Yes4All Extra Firm Foam Roller

The Yes4All extra firm foam roller resembles the winner of the category in its materials. These aim at giving deeper massages for those who will give it a heavier use. It’s a little bit more expensive than the previous options, but this happens for a reason: the roller is made up of more durable materials, suitable for everyday training.

If you happen to have any problems with the product, you can make use of the 1-year unconditional guarantee that will give you a full refund or a new replacement. Rest assured that your money will be well-spent.

Best Foam Roller over $10

Winner: 321 STRONG Foam Roller


321 STRONG Foam Roller


321 Strong foam roller includes a rugged core with a triple grid. Using it will feel like going with an expert masseuse. It is the perfect choice for those who want to easily transport it, as the roller only weighs 1 lb.

Surprisingly, it is quite comfortable despite its high density. This allows it to have a deep penetration of soft tissue. This way, your tired muscles will be greatly relieved.

It is very easy to stretch strained muscles in different parts of the body with this product. So, the 321 strong can be a perfect choice for runners, swimmers, and sportsmen in general who want to increase their performance and flexibility.


Runner up: TriggerPoint GRID

TriggerPoint GRID


The Trigger Point GRID has a hollow core and quality materials that make it a great choice despite its pricing. For beginner or intermediate users who are still learning how to use foam rollers, it comes with access to a free video library that includes some tips and pieces of advice from TriggerPoint experts.

If you are an athlete, a trainer, a therapist or a professional on any of those fields, you should carefully consider acquiring one of these grids. Its solid core ensures its longevity, and you can rest assured you will get your money back as it has a full 1-year warranty.

Alternative: OPTP Pro-Roller

OPTP Pro-Roller


OPTP Pro-roller is reliable, sturdy, and comes in a portable size that makes it easy to carry it around when traveling or going to the gym. It has a low density but that does not affect its efficiency when getting rid of painful knots.

If you’re on the hunt for rollers to relieve different types of muscles, then you can choose one of their multiple sizes. The biggest one is perfect for rolling out larger muscles, while the smaller one aims at portability and performing balance exercises.

Why should you choose your product carefully?

There are hundreds of options out there when it comes to foam rollers, and not all of them are suitable for every need. Most of these products vary in size, material, durability, texture, color, and more. Some reasons why you should choose the perfect one for your requirements are listed below:

choose your product carefully

Because it won’t last long if you don’t. Some of these rollers are designed for everyday use, while others were designed for a more occasional one. Make yourself acquainted with these objectives and decide on the best one for the use you want to give to it.

It might be inconvenient for you. Rollers come in different sizes, meaning that they will have variant weights.Those who are planning to take them to the gym, for example, should choose one that is small enough to fit in a bag so it will be easy to carry it.

What aspects should you pay attention to when choosing your product?

Some key features you should always look for when deciding on the best foam roller for back pain are:


Size. This is one of the most important things to take into account if you are planning to carry it around. It’s true that beginners may find it easier to use the longer rollers, but if you want to use it at your gym, maybe a shorter one might come in handy.

Materials. These products range from low to very high density of the foam. Beginners might find the low-density ones more comfortable, though if you desire a firmer massage, a denser product might be a better purchase.

Anyway, try not to go from zero to a vigorous massage: you might get injured and the pain would increase instead of disappearing. It’s better to start with a lower density and make sure you use it properly before upgrading the model.


Foam rollers can be the perfect aid when trying to get rid of knots and stiffness in your body. Adding it to your working out routine is a great way to help loosen up your muscles, either before or after doing exercise. Rolling out can be a bit uncomfortable at the beginning, and even more so if you have bought the wrong device. Today, every company lists the materials, size, and intended audience for their rollers. Get familiar with them as much as you can, and make sure you compare each product to get a fair deal for your money!

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