Your Guide To Purchasing The Best Foam Roller 

 February 28, 2021

By  Pham

If you happen to be one of those individuals who are tired of slow post-workout recovery methods and lingering muscular pains; it is time to invest in a foam roller. From soft to ultra-firm models, the market features all kinds of foam rollers which come in all shapes and sizes. We can help you find the best foam roller on the market.

However, it is important that you choose a model that best suits your needs. There are many foam rollers which are specifically manufactured to target myofascial release. Not only they relieve sore and tight muscles, but they are also designed to help exercise enthusiasts self-massage their muscles to get quick relief. 

Some foam rollers have a high density for better results. However, if you are new to foam rollers, you may need some time before you could upgrade to a denser model. If you are looking to replace your old foam roller or want to purchase your first one; we have formulated a handy buying guide to help you make a wise decision.

We tested many models before concluding the winner and the runner-up products. There are also some alternatives mentioned in this buying guide in case you want to try out some other models.

The Best Foam Roller We Reviewed

If you are looking for some of the best foam rollers currently available, here are a few of our favorite picks:

Winner: OPTP PRO-Roller Standard Density Foam Roller

OPTP PRO Rollers

The OPTP Pro-Roller is among the most popular and highly productive foam rollers that are currently available in the market. It is manufactured to serve as an influential therapeutic tool and is common in thousands of sports clinics and physical therapy centers. Here are a few features of the OPTP Pro-Roller model:

  • Features closed-cell and heat molded EVA foam
  • Standard level density for an efficient yet comfortable massage to relieve trigger points and sore muscles
  • A perfect accessory for stability exercises including Pilates
  • Measures 36" L x 6" diameter

It is also popularly used in many reputed yoga and pilates studios to work out several different parts of the body. The OPTP foam roller is engineered to beat its rivals with its inventive EVA foam technology. It is highly durable and built to outclass other conventional models with its durability and dynamics. 

Thousands of athletes and fitness enthusiasts consume the model to relieve knots and massage troubled areas. It is an ideal model to apply pressure to long muscle groups such as quadriceps, abductors and the calves.

Since it features a standard density, people use it in several Pilate workouts. You can apply pressure to any part of your body to soothe your muscles and take care of pressure points.

The foam roller is ultra-lightweight and easy to carry. This feature means it is a super-comfortable accessory to take it to the gym or anywhere you want a quick massage. Thanks to its durability, it is designed to sustain heavy-duty use whether you use it in a yoga studio or a gym.

The Pro-Roller is perfect for balance exercises and a beneficial component in many stretching routines. If you are a yoga enthusiast or a fitness buff, investing in the OPTP Pro-Roller is one of the best decisions you can make to speed up your healing and recovery process after an intense workout session or a long run.

The model is easy to clean and maintain. Simply use a cleaning wipe and use a little laundry detergent to wipe it clean. You can purchase it from Amazon for around $50. The product has received hundreds of positive reviews from satisfied customers on Amazon.com.

Runner-Up: RumbleRoller

RumbleRoller - Textured Muscle Foam Roller

The RumbleRoller features a unique design to erode trigger points and restore flexibility. The model is ideal for all exercise enthusiasts who need instant relief to several kinds of muscular pain.

Thanks to the asymmetrical design of this foam roller, the bumps aggressively take care of all your pain and discomfort. The RumbleRoller foam roller is our runner-up since it deeply digs into muscle fascia for soothing the most troubled areas of your body.

The model utilizes a stronger core manufactured from a professional-level and high-density EVA foam. Its outer shell and core are meticulously manufactured to guarantee optimal comfort with impressive durability.

It is not uncommon to come across many models that come with an affordable price but do little good since they make use of hollow cores. This feature results in a reduced performance and short-term durability. 

However, RumbleRoller is known for building the finest products when it comes to serving its large customer base. This product is also a testimony to the commitment of the brand to produce high-end products.

The brand is a product of a fruitful association between an American manufacturing company and a seasoned athlete who also holds a solid history of manufacturing a string of successful fitness products.

This model ranks as a runner-up on our buying guide since it features a unique texture and design to manipulate soft tissue in the same manner as a massage therapist would do.

By using the foam roller, you get immediate relief with no painful experiences. The foam roller is ideal for soft tissue massage therapy and is highly popular among fitness fanatics, runners, athletes and exercise buffs.

With this foam roller, users conveniently work through the fascia and indulge in a self-myofascial release to get quick relief. Thanks to its incredible benefits it is widely popular as one of the best foam rollers for runners and athletes.

The foam roller has flexible bumps that dig deep into both the muscle and the connective tissue to relieve sore and stiff muscles. This model is available on Amazon.com for almost $70 and enjoys favorable reviews and ratings from hundreds of customers on Amazon.com

Alternative: ProSource Sports Medicine Foam Roller

ProSource Sports Medicine Foam Roller

The Sports Medicine Foam Roller is another incredible model that is popular among buyers thanks to its aid recovery capabilities. Since it is highly effective in reducing soreness and relieving trigger points, it is a top-class foam roller which features a tough EVA foam-filled center. Here are a few features of the ProSource foam roller:

  • Inventive Design - This model features an EVA foam filled interior to offer ultimate durability. The foam roller doesn’t break under heavy pressure or due to long-term use
  • Guarantees Quick Relief - The self-myofascial release manages knots to encourage a better blood flow for immediate recovery
  • Versatility - It is a highly versatile product that reduces pain in the legs, calves, glutes, thighs, pecs, feet and back
  • Affordability - There are not too many models that feature multiple density zones to massage and stretch muscles to release tension, for this price

Its solid interior does no crack or breaks under the weight. This feature makes it an unbeatable product that outclasses its rivals with its dependable and long-term features.

Athletes use it as a pre-workout tool to prepare their muscles for safely moving in their full range of motion. The tool also helps to make the body less vulnerable to injury during an intense workout session. The ProSource Sports Medicine Foam Roller releases the lactic acid buildup as well as takes care of muscle stiffness.

Moreover, the foam roller miraculously works to increase flexibility. Thanks to a web of medium-firm grooves and bumps, there are multiple density areas to stretch massage tissues.

Foam rollers are used on several body parts to enhance flexibility and reduce pain. It beneficially supports the quads, hamstrings, IT band, abductors, shins, and calves. It is also ideal for working out the hip flexors, upper back and glutes.

This highly recommended model is ideal for people who are looking for an affordable self-myofascial release to relieve excruciating pain due to knots. Moreover, the product also greatly helps to improve range of motion by targeting specific groups of muscles.

Its highly functional design is one of the reasons why it has become a recent favorite among athletes, runners and fitness enthusiasts. This model has received notable positive reviews on Amazon.com from thousands of customers who are happy with this foam roller.

It is an ideal product for both intermediate and experienced users. The model is available for just around $29 with free shipping.

2nd Alternative: Rolling With It Foam Roller

Rolling With It The Foam Roller

This highly popular foam roller features a professional-grade EVA for added durability. Thanks to its high quality built and sturdy finish, it is listed as among the top-selling foam rollers which are currently available in the market. Here are a few features of the Rolling With It Foam Roller:

  • Ideal for both professional and beginners
  • Perfect density to suit all kinds and levels of users
  • Highly recommended by physical therapists, personal trainers, and chiropractors
  • Top quality and high-density EVA foam
  • Durable
  • Backed by an impressive guarantee

The foam roller is so tough that it is known to maintain its original shape even after long-term or heavy-duty use. This foam roller is suitable for self-massage and serves as a highly effective tool for myofascial release. Manufactured with 100% recyclable EVA, it features a firm core and soft exterior to deliver plenty of variations for users about different levels. 

The 'Rolling With It' Foam Roller is best recommended for increasing mobility and reducing muscle stiffness. It is also gentle enough to use for the back safely.

Using this foam roller for just a few minutes every day can guarantee a multitude of benefits. This model keeps the fascia tissues healthy and offers immediate results for quicker post-workout recovery.

This professional-grade foam roller is one of the best foam rollers for back pain and designed to serve both beginners and advanced users. It is engineered to alleviate all areas of the body. Be it stretching your IT band or reliving the pain of shin splints; this model is widely used by thousands of athletes to promote flexible muscles.

You can use the roller to incorporate it into several workout programs including yoga and pilates. With an increased range of motion, you get dozens of benefits from this product such as relaxed and tension-free muscles and a faster post-recovery period.

The model is popular among hundreds of customers who purchased it from Amazon.com. The model prices range from almost $19-$40.

How To Choose Your Foam Roller Carefully?

Soft Density Foam Roller

There are many factors to consider before you shop for the right foam roller to suit your needs.


All models of foam rollers are available in different sizes and shapes. However, one of the most important attributes of a foam roller that decide the performance it delivers is its density. This element is important in deciding how beneficial the foam roller is to deliver a deep-tissue massage. Here are the different densities that foam rollers possess:


A soft foam roller is ideal for beginners since it is the gentlest of all foam rollers. If you are just getting started then this is the perfect foam roller you can buy.


A firm foam roller is ideal for professional runners or athletes who seek a solid foam roller for their super-tough muscles. It is more effective and successfully treats tight muscles, and releases trigger points.

Using a firm foam roller also aligns muscle tissue and prevents any muscle strain. These models are great ways to reduce inflammation and relieve tired muscles after a rigorous workout.

An excessively firm foam roller can cause bruising, especially if you are an amateur, whereas a model that is very soft fails to provide the pressure required for releasing pressure. 

Hence, when you are buying your first foam roller, it is recommended that you choose a model that is softer than others. This feature helps you to improve your technique and gain experience to develop your foam rolling technique.

Although denser products tend to be more popular for durability, softer rollers are beneficial for amateurs. Cheap or soft models lose their shape when used for a prolonged period. 

One of the best ways to evaluate the density of a foam roller is to observe its color. Frequently, white refers to a soft foam roller while black foam rollers are the hardest. Red and blue rollers are of medium density. However, different brands may assign their unique colors to represent the density. You can do a quick test by squeezing a roller to judge its relative firmness.

Surface Texture

A few rollers comprise of knobs and ridges to apply various pressure intensities for targeting multiple muscle groups, while other models may feature a smooth surface texture. A smooth product is a recommended choice for amateurs who are new to foam rollers. Moreover, smooth products are more affordable than textured items.

It is also interesting to know that textured rollers mimic the fingers of a professional massager to target troubled areas of your muscles. Other rollers feature various textures so consumers can choose the most appropriate model to suit your needs.

Shapes And Sizes

Another factor to consider when purchasing a foam roller is its dimensions. It is true that these tools are available in all shapes and sizes. Long models can be anywhere up to 36 inches. If it is your first time purchasing a foam roller, a long model is one of the most recommended choices.

These are particularly beneficial for working out your back since they adequately cover the entire back area when they are positioned perpendicular to the spine. Moreover, they are stable than other conventional rollers that are relatively shorter.

Shorter lengths which may be anywhere up to 24 inches are great for targeting small regions such as calves and arms. Short foam rollers which are 12 inches or more are incredibly portable and great for a workout in limited space area.

The diameter of the foam roller is another factor that you must look into before purchasing a foam roller. There are also models that are available from 3 to 6 inches in diameter for massaging a particular muscle group.

Half round models are used for foot and leg stretches. They are also popularly utilized for reducing the signs of plantar fasciitis. Some models are also available in the form of roller sticks covered in foam. They work in the same manner as a rolling pin, and you can use them on legs for more accurate pressure regulation to target muscles.

Another popular form of foam rollers is foam balls. They apply pressurized control to curved body parts such as the lumbar area. In addition to these factors, you should also consider the density of a foam roller. 


This style is suitable for you if you are an experienced and seasoned professional who has plenty of experience with sensations that feel good to hurt. However, make sure you don't go overboard and choose a model that offers the bearable intensity of pain. There are a few designs that are available with a literal grid pattern design to serve users.

Deep Tissue

Another advanced level than a grid design is the deep tissue foam roller. This model is extra firm, and only a tough and healthy athlete should use this device. The bumps built in its design stimulate deep layers of muscle. This model increases the flexibility in the soft tissue to offer long-term pain relief.


Another ultimate model in the foam roller industry, a vibrating foam roller benefits from a deep-tissue foam roller and upgrades it with a vibration technology. It aims to reduce the pain intensity and relaxes stiff muscles. The version is costlier than other conventional rollers; however, the price tag is worth it since it provides significant relief.


Foam rolling increases flexibility and releases trigger points. It is a great tool to relieve tired and stiff muscles. Foam rollers are incorporated into many workouts and exercise programs and used in thousands of yoga studios and gyms. They also help to maintain range of motion and alleviate athletes for maintaining good muscle health and super-fit bodies.

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