Best Yoga Wheels to Improve Backbends, Strengthen Core, & Unwind! 

 March 1, 2021

By  Pham

Whether it’s for upgrading your yoga practice or improving your flexibility, a yoga wheel definitely has the ability to make your daily routine more fun.

Many yoga enthusiasts, beginners, intermediates, and experts, incorporate the best yoga wheels into their practice for conditioning and deepening their backbends. And also for supporting new inversion postures.

Not just yoga, these wheels can be used for the purpose of strength training as well. A yoga wheel can really add a certain amount of stability when used for exercises such as push-ups and bridges. Just replace the exercise ball with a yoga wheel.

Balancing on top of the yoga wheel on your feet or back is also another way to make the accessory a part of your daily workout routine. The list goes on and on, trust me. So now let me move on to the reviews of the best-selling yoga wheels on the current market.

REEHUT Yoga Wheel

The product title itself says it’s the best yoga wheel for back pain. Now I know it just says REEHUT Yoga Wheel for Back Pain, but why not mention it’s the best for back pain when it really is!

The wheel has the power to stretch your ligament and to also relax your shoulder muscles. No doubt, the thing fits the natural curve of your back, meaning it’s perfect for stretching those tense, worked up back muscles.

The yoga wheel contains hybrid TPE foam. What this does is cushion your back, feet, and palms when you’re moving. So comfort is also a huge part of the experience here. Even durability is something that doesn’t disappoint. After all, TPE plastic is used. The material possesses the strength to improve impact resistance and withstand as much as 330 pounds of weight.

The last crucial aspect is the anti-slip pattern of the yoga wheel. It also prevents the accumulation of moisture and sweat. All because of the thick, high-quality padding, the prop can be used for the most physically challenging yoga sessions. The superior padding also offers a very comfortable grip and excellent resilience for stretching your body.


  • Hypoallergenic, sweat-resistant, and impact-resistant.
  • Extra dense padding for better grip and comfort.
  • The best even for a large or heavy body.


  • The thick foam is not present around the edges.
UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel

Built with a seamless professional design for long, strenuous yoga sequences and forms, this yoga wheel is crafted specifically for those dealing with chronic back pain. It guarantees a relieving workout without you having to step outside your home.

The yoga wheel is sweat-proof, which means yoga routines can be as physically challenging as you like. It’s built with a flex-resistant material that can withstand as much as 550 pounds. This is a much higher weight capacity than the previous option.

So now you can practice even the most difficult of yoga poses without worrying about the wheel breaking apart under your weight. The padded foam body also gives extra comfort when stretching the hamstrings. The padding, just by the way, is comfort-focused and dense-performance.

Only the thickest padding can cushion your back, feet, and palms so well while you’re busy performing both basic and advanced yoga postures. If you ask me, this yoga wheel is the best for opening and stretching your back to alleviate discomfort. It releases muscle tension while also making sure the much-needed yoga positions for your back pain are fun to execute.


  • The body of the yoga wheel is 100% inflexible.
  • The thick padding is also sweat-resistant.
  • Suitable for chronic back pain sufferers.


  • You might find it too tall to fit under your back.
Purity Wave Cork Yoga Wheel

There are many factors here that make this one of the best yoga wheels you could possibly have at your disposal. It’s a revolutionary yoga prop that was originally crafted for bridging the gap in the case of challenging backbends.

Let me also bring to your attention that this yoga wheel is great for warm-ups, exercise routines, and, of course, taking your yoga postures to the next level. Expanding and opening your chest, shoulder, and back muscles. Opening your hips, increasing flexibility, and deepening stretches.

But what you might want to know is whether the yoga wheel does anything for the spine or not? Indeed, it improves the alignment of your spine and helps in finding its balance.

What I found to be very impressive is the sustainability factor here. Purity Wave is a brand that uses cork material in order to reduce carbon footprint. Recyclable and renewable cork comes from the bark of a tree that lives for more than 200 years. The tree is grown without the use of any pesticides, irrigation, and even pruning.

Apart from that, it’s got the thickest padding that cushions your back, palms, and feet very well. Plus, the yoga wheel is sweat-resistant. So no moisture accumulation during those demanding yoga sessions. No unpleasant perspiration or sweat marks to deal with. And that means it’s easier to clean.

But what matters the most is how sturdy the cork yoga wheel is. It stays in one place and doesn’t roll away, which is something you encounter with cheap-quality yoga wheels. And the natural, sustainable cork feels way superior to any kind of synthetic covering.


  • Foam padding is thick enough for comfort.
  • Well-made, sustainable, durable, antimicrobial yoga wheel.
  • The size is compact and convenient.


  • None so far.
Risefit Dharma Yoga Wheel

The Risefit yoga wheel, no doubt, is designed for providing a deep, relaxing stretch. The use of a strong inner ABS tube makes sure you roll on the yoga wheel with ease and much-needed safety and support. The thing about the ABS tube is that it delivers a sturdy and strong base for the balance yoga postures demand.

The tube comes layered with high-quality TPE foam, which is also eco-friendly by the way. Unlike other yoga wheels covered with either EVA or PVC. The body of this yoga wheel can support a weight of even 1000 pounds, that too quite effortlessly. If you ask me, it’s the perfect yoga companion for practicing backbends and headstands.

Needless to say, the yoga wheel helps in opening up your chest muscles and targets your hip flexors too. Ultimately, it all leads to relaxing your back and neck muscles to provide back pain relief. You can also use it for strengthening your core muscles.

The cushioning is perfectly and comfortably grippy. And it retains the original shape for long. The yoga wheel feels comfortable and soft to roll under your feet or between your shoulder blades. And that matters when your yoga sessions are slightly advanced.

There’s no doubt the current option is the best choice for those dealing with back pain issues. It even receives a lot of attention from breastfeeding mothers.


  • Eco-friendly, thick TPE foam for padding.
  • The yoga wheel feels very stable and supportive.
  • It can withstand up to 1000 pounds.


  • The yoga strap is not included, contrary to what’s advertised.
pete's choice Dharma Yoga Wheel

For improving posture, balance, and precision, you can place your trust in this yoga wheel. It’s an ergonomic, safe, and durable option that, just like the others, helps in upgrading your yoga sessions. No matter how demanding the yoga postures, there’s no room for accidents.

The body of the yoga wheel is the most practical and convenient. The use of 100% high-quality PC material brings into the picture durability, impact-resistance, safety, and hypoallergenic properties. PC stands for polycarbonate in case you didn’t know. So polycarbonate is temperature-resistant too.

It’s extremely sturdy and the foam sticks to the ground. Both these characteristics keep the yoga wheel from rolling away. You’re bound to feel nothing but softness in your back. So there’s no discomfort or pain of any kind when using the yoga prop.

Even if you’re tall, the yoga wheel feels secure when moving around.


  • Durable, high-quality materials used for construction.
  • Strong enough for the tall and overweight.
  • It comes with a yoga strap.


  • Wheel cushioning is thin.
Nature's Integrity Yoga Wheel

You can actually feel the difference with this one. In comparison to cheap-quality yoga wheels, the current option doesn’t crack, flex, or bend when in use. No matter your weight! Speaking of weight, the yoga wheel can withstand an astonishing weight capacity of 650 pounds. It’s twice as strong, comparatively-speaking.

Now let me discuss the different ways you can use this versatile yoga wheel. It helps in improving your daily yoga practice while also allowing you to explore different stretches. The yoga wheel opens up your back muscles and relieves muscle tension. Much like a foam roller, but better. It deepens backbends and enhances inversions, no doubt about that.

You get to use the yoga wheel as an excellent stretching tool for boosting flexibility. And a yoga accessory like this also contributes to developing core strength, improving circulation, and increasing balance.

The padding is extra thick for tremendous amounts of comfort and support. It’s also sweat-resistant and slip-resistant. On the whole, the yoga wheel is durable and sturdy. Meaning no flexing or bending. And that makes the prop a piece of very practical yoga equipment to have at home.


  • Thick, eco-friendly, sweat-resistant, non-slip padding.
  • It’s a very well-made, versatile, and sturdy yoga wheel.
  • The best for stretching back muscles and relieving stiffness.


  • Likely to cut into shoulder blades.
Mindful Yoga Yoga Wheel

With this yoga wheel, you get the wonderful opportunity to explore advanced postures and deep stretching. The accessory is designed keeping in mind the most important factors like longevity, ultimate comfort, sturdy feel, thick padding, and no accidents. You can lean into the softest body and forget about possible falls or trips.

Only non-toxic, eco-friendly materials are used for construction. The yoga wheel paves the way for long advanced stretches and backbend sessions. It’s well-cushioned using thermoplastic elastomers. Speaking of which, anti-slip properties are ideal for maintaining proper, safe balance.

As for the weight capacity of this one, it can withstand around 500 pounds. So feel free to relieve your tense and tired back muscles. You can also use the yoga wheel for building strength. Do whatever you wish in terms of yoga and exercise without worrying about the wheel bending, flexing, cracking, or rolling away.

Yoga props like these make it possible for you to contort, stretch, and flex your body in all kinds of ways you thought were unachievable. With this yoga wheel, the opportunity to experiment with new postures is in your hands. It’s an ideal choice for not only experts but also beginners.


  • Thick thermoplastic elastomer padding offers luxurious comfort.
  • It’s eco-friendly, antimicrobial, and non-slip.
  • Suitable for highly advanced asanas of yoga.


  • The logo is prone to coming off quickly.

Before I get into why you should consider buying this yoga wheel, let me tell you a little something about the brand. YDL is all about bringing together fashion-forward design elements and innovative functionality. They manufacture insulated water bottles, hot yoga mats, water-based inks, yoga wheels, and more.

The yoga wheel is made of anti-slip, well-padded cork tree bark. The black mandala pattern is done up by their very own water-based, non-toxic ink. The whole structure of the yoga wheel is extra durable and strong for allowing you to perform all kinds of postures with complete confidence and ease. Meaning zero flex!

It helps in improving balance, back strength, and core strength while loosening your tight muscles. Along with that, the yoga wheel also contributes to increasing spine and muscle flexibility.

It’s a very useful tool for advanced, beginner, and intermediate yoga practitioners. Even for children as a matter of fact!


  • It’s a high-quality, aesthetically pleasing yoga prop.
  • The weight capacity (550lbs) is quite impressive and practical.


  • None whatsoever.

Clever Yoga Stretching Yoga Wheel

Clever Yoga Stretching Yoga Wheel

Yoga wheels are a great way to work on your strength, balance, and flexibility. This circular shape yoga prop aligns your spine, stretches the whole front part of your body, and opens up your chest muscles. The whole front part of your body includes your shoulders, abdomen, quadriceps, hip flexors, and chest.

Beginners in yoga can use this yoga wheel for enhancing their stretches and improving their flexibility. As for advanced yogis, you can intensify your exercises and postures as well as loosen up all the muscle stiffness.

Every creation by Clever Yoga is constructed keeping in mind daily yoga practice. So long-lasting value is a huge part of the deal here. But what matters more is the wider and larger design of the yoga wheel. It’s comparatively wider and larger for added safety and greater versatility. More space means extra room to accommodate both feet.

Wide enough for enhanced postures like knees-to-chest and high plank. But also narrow enough for deep opening back stretches.

Another unique feature is the inclusion of double-sided padding for the most comfortable and secure grip. I think this is the first yoga wheel so far equipped with double-side padding. So you can expect the support and comfort factors to be even more pronounced in this case.


  • The frame is built with strong, eco-friendly, BPA-free ABS.
  • Available in large and medium sizes.
  • Extra-wide frame for greater versatility and stability.


  • Nothing worth mentioning.
Gaiam Yoga Wheel

The last on the list is a yoga wheel made using PVC material core and PVC material mat cushioning. It doesn’t slip if that’s what you’re thinking. On top of that, the premium cushioning feels gentle on your every joint.

No doubt, you can release muscle tension and stretch using this handcrafted yoga accessory. After all, it’s designed for improving flexibility and assisting with stretching your spine, chest, and back.

You can even use it for core strengthening postures like backbends. No matter what your skill level, the yoga wheel works in your favor for every movement. It looks and feels well-made and sturdy. And the thing allows you to undertake passive stretching to improve your spine flexibility like no other.


  • It’s a very versatile, textured, slip-resistant yoga wheel.
  • Optimal width offers good stability.
  • Very useful for tackling tough postures like bends and splits.


  • No instructions included.

What is a Yoga Wheel?

Let me give you a simple description of a yoga wheel. The prop is a hard wheel equipped with soft padding that you rest your body against when performing yoga postures ranging from seated to inverted poses.

Yoga wheels are like yoga blocks, except that they offer higher functionality. And the former traces the natural curve of the spine when performing backbends. A yoga wheel also helps in opening up the chest muscles, hip flexors, and shoulders.

Many yoga practitioners, even beginners, find yoga wheels very useful for inversions. I realize I’m getting into the benefits of using a yoga wheel. So that brings me to the next section.

What Are the Benefits of  Yoga Wheel?

So why should you incorporate a yoga wheel into your daily yoga routine? Maybe you already know the reasons, but let me discuss them at length anyway.

It helps with physically challenging postures

Yoga is all about being patient. Even so, sometimes it’s a bit frustrating when you can’t get into the correct pose even after practicing it for so long. At such times, a little help can really go a long way. So let the help come in the form of a yoga wheel. It drastically helps with postures like backbends and forearm headstands.

The counter-balance yoga wheels provide at this point allows you to open the chest fully for a deep stretch. You achieve all this while also maintaining stability. Since the wheel is crafted for supporting your spine’s natural curvature, practicing backbends is especially useful.

It releases tension in the back muscles

No doubt, yoga wheels are very helpful for those wanting to pamper their back muscles. The area around your spine can get really tense because of the daily struggles and stress of life. So it’s only natural to want to release all that built-up tension and stiffness.

Yoga wheels, in such scenarios, support your spine by massaging your back muscles. And I’m talking about deep tissue massage, which has proven to relieve tension in the muscles.

It strengthens core and balance

When you have a stronger core, you can perform longer yoga sessions. So to build core endurance, you can use a yoga wheel. It’s a round and sturdy piece of equipment capable of supporting your weight while you’re doing core workouts like arm-leg extensions, planks, and the like.

You already know by now that yoga wheels offer counterweight in the case of performing and holding inverted postures. And these certainly build your crucial core muscles.

It is versatile and easy to carry

Just like yoga blocks and yoga mats, yoga wheels are easy to carry with you. You can loop yours over the yoga mat or wear it over your shoulder. Unlike other exercise equipment such as dumbbells, kettlebells, etc. that are too large and heavy to transport from one place to another.

Yoga wheels are also very useful for strength building workouts. So it’s not just yoga postures that you can execute with this particular prop. Exercises like pike push-ups, side plank, lunges, knee tucks, and lots more can also be carried out using a yoga wheel.

Choosing the Most Comfortable Yoga Wheel for Your Practice


The size of the yoga wheel is its diameter. A larger diameter means a larger yoga wheel. As for the most commonly asked question, what size yoga wheel is right for me? For this, you should first check if the manufacturer offers size options or not. Some brands do. They have different sizes for men and women. Women often require smaller yoga wheels than men.

Your height also matters in determining the size of the yoga wheel the most suitable for your yoga practice.

Comfort & Padding

If you’re going to be stretching for a long period of time, then comfort is a priority. The majority of top-selling yoga wheels deliver the most standard level of padding. So you can focus more on your postures.

But then there are also yoga wheels constructed with TPE foam. These offer an upgraded version of padding required for longer sessions.

Speaking of longer sessions, keep in mind that comfort here also comes in the form a sweat-resistant material. And speaking of that, an antimicrobial quality is also a must when you know you’re going to be performing strenuous movements and sweating profusely.

If the outer and inner ring are built using durable plastic resin, then you’re highly likely to not feel uncomfortable or irritated.

Weight & Weight Capacity

I have reviewed yoga wheels with a weight capacity range starting from 300 pounds and going all the way to 1000 pounds. So you have to take your weight into consideration at the time of buying a yoga wheel.

The practice of yoga is all about being able to move and flow freely. You’re letting your body stretch in the natural form. So you absolutely need a yoga wheel that makes all of this possible.

Then in terms of weight, the weight of the yoga wheel is also a crucial aspect. The prop should be light enough to move yet heavy enough for providing stability during movements.

That said, don’t go for extremely lightweight yoga wheels, no matter how easy and convenient they are to carry. Instead, opt for a heavier yoga wheel as it offers the most amount of stability. Plus, the prop is heavy enough for holding too much weight.

How to Use Yoga Wheels?

You can use one in a variety of different ways. The primary purpose is to help with postures involving backbends. You place the wheel under your back, where it arches. This position allows you to further get into postures like crab or camel.

Another very popular and beneficial way of using a yoga wheel is to hold a posture that requires you to place your weight on your forearms.

For example, plank asanas that, when done without a yoga wheel, can be extremely challenging to initiate and hold. But with yoga wheels, they become comparatively easier to execute. Just hold your yoga wheel with the hands while moving into the plank posture. The wheel’s upper surface is a good place for you to place the feet on to get additional support.

You can also use yoga wheels for balance and flexibility. Hold a wheel using both hands for some forward stretches. At such times, you’re bound to feel the front part of your body opening up naturally like never before.

Many yogis also balance their bodies on top of yoga wheels for improving stability. To be honest, there are several ways of using a yoga wheel. You just have to get creative.

Difference Between Yoga Wheel and Foam Roller

There’s no way foam rollers and yoga wheels serve the same purpose. Or are designed in a similar manner. For one thing, foam rollers are not yoga-specific props.

The foam cylinder is designed for rolling out troubled tensions and knots in your muscles. It’s not made for supporting backbends, inversions, and other asanas. For that, you’ve got the yoga wheel. Wheels are narrower, so they can fit between the shoulder blades for massaging your tight muscles in that region. And foam rollers don’t do that.

Foam rollers are not as sturdy as yoga wheels and are built longer. The former also softens over time and is more likely to break down. Now that’s something you need not worry about with an extremely durable yoga wheel.

The beauty of yoga wheels is that they can roll over areas that are often difficult to reach with a foam roller. And you can use a yoga wheel for more than just yoga practice. Yoga wheels, as you might already know, are great for working the core, improving flexibility, etc., unlike foam rollers.


So is a yoga wheel worth your time and money? I don’t see why not!

The wheel is just a simple cylindrical tool that turns out to be incredibly useful for yoga, core exercises, flexibility training, and more. The greater part of yoga practitioners uses yoga wheels for improving their backbends. But the fact that it’s so versatile just adds to the appeal.

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